Exuberance caused the UK house price boom, according to Dr Alisa Yusupova

20 April 2017

Dr Alisa Yusupova presented a research paper at the annual conference of the Royal Economics Society, exploring the cause of increasing house prices in England since the late 1980's.

Dr Yusupova's research found that neither demand-side factors such as household income, mortgage rates and credit availability, or the supply of new houses, could explain the price rises during some of that period. Instead, according to the UK Housing Observatory, which is running the research project of which this study is a part, there seems to have been a succession of speculative ‘house price exuberance’ bubbles rippling out from London.

Read the full article on the Business Insider website.  The Financial Times also highlighted this research in relation to the impact of the housing price bubble on birth rates.