LUMS retired staff come together for an evening of reconnecting and networking

Attendees at the LUMS Retired Staff event

21 June 2016

LUMS retired staff recently came together for an evening of reconnecting and networking at Lancaster University Management School.

The event took place at Lancaster University Management School on Wednesday 15th June and was hosted by Professor Angus Laing, Dean of LUMS and Maggie Wild, LUMS Alumni Development Manager.

The attendees enjoyed an evening of reconnecting and had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments at Lancaster University Management School. The reunion also gave the attendees the chance to meet the new Dean of LUMS, Professor Angus Laing. In light of the positive response received at the reunion, we look forward to seeing more of these events in the future.

During the event, the attendees were also introduced to three different themes:

1) LUMS History Project - As part of the LUMS Space Programme, we are recording the history of the Management School, therefore, attendees were asked for any information or photos they could provide.

2) Lancaster Former Staff Association - Attendees were asked about suggestions on how we can better serve the former staff community.

3) Alumni - Guests were asked if they could recall any former students from a list that was provided.

Professor Angus Lang said: “Coming here as a new Dean, there is a lot to assimilate, and our former staff have a wealth of experience which has immense value in understanding the DNA of LUMS. The collegiality of Lancaster is one of its main attractions, and this is evident in the goodwill of our retired staff community.

I am conscious of the contribution that this group has made in bringing LUMS to its current position as a world ranked business school, and this event is one way of recognising this.

I am grateful for the continuing support and contributions of our retired staff community”.

Susan Lucas, who attended the event, said: “For some time I've thought that it would be good to know more about how LUMS is developing and what its future plans are. As an administrator, when you retire you seem to be removed from mailing lists almost immediately and hence lose touch very quickly. I welcomed the chance to be added to the mailing lists but more especially, to hear first-hand from the Dean about LUMS' growth strategy.

The social side of the event was very enjoyable indeed and the chance to meet former colleagues and the outgoing and new Dean informally was very much appreciated”.

Another attendee at the event, Baloo, said: “It was an excellent event, I met several friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. Years of work experience, coupled with ample time to reflect on, should produce ideas to promote teaching and research in this reputable School we belong to”.

John Mackness thought that the night was: “Very enjoyable. It was good to see that old friends are still breathing as well as to have a chance to help the School with links and connections”.

To view photos from the event, please visit the LUMS Careers, Alumni & Employer Relations Flickr site here.