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We warmly welcome enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (PhD).

Please see the list below for a range of research topics that staff members of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation are interested in supervising.

Firm Growth; Growth Strategies; Mergers and Acquisitions

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Available to supervise PhD students with an interest in entrepreneurship, franchising, strategy and business-university collaboration.

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Available for supervising ambitious PhD students willing to conduct qualitative and/or quantitative research on innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship, with a focus on family business.

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Prospective PhD students interested in any of the following topics are welcome to brief their research ideas before making a formal application: Digital Strategy, Open Strategy, Open Innovation, Strategy as Practice. Other areas related to my research interests as described or evident from my publications are also welcomed.

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Main topics include artisan entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial teams, habitual and portfolio entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in developing economies, and entrepreneurial families in business.

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Applications for PhD are welcome from candidates interested in strategic management and who have a strong academic background. I am interested in supervising doctoral students that share my interest in the micro-level aspects of competitive strategy, in particular in regards to the development, replication and change of knowledge, routines and capabilities in organizations. I am interested in research both in small and medium sized businesses as well as large MNEs.

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Leadership as emotional labour Authentic leadership Leadership identities and identity work

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Available for supervising students and particularly welcome strong applicants who share my research interests in entrepreneurship (especially those related to its social aspects such as social networks, social capital and social innovation) and those who wish to look at entrepreneurship in the context in which it is created and formed.

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Stories and storytelling in the context of entrepreneurship; Practice-based understandings of entrepreneurship; Understanding the relationship between people and place in the context of entrepreneurship

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I am willing to supervise students in leadership in entrepreneurial contexts. I also am interested in gender, identity and learning.

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I am looking for strong PhD candidates with an interest in market practices and for students particularly interested in studying the role of representational practices in market making. I am also looking for a PhD candidate interested in studying how innovation and market practices are made valuable. Candidates should be interested in conducting ethnographic research in a business, organisational and/or management contexts.

Funding is available through the LUMS Scholarship Competition.

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Available to supervise PhD students with an interest in entrepreneurship, academic spin-offs, incubator and incubations studies.

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I am interested in supervising PhD students who wish to study gender and leadership, women's leadership, leadership learning, in particular from sociological and critical perspectives, including within the entrepreneurial context.

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Entrepreneurial financing The dynamics of early stage survival and growth Technological business incubator and start-ups Institutional transitions

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