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We warmly welcome enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (PhD).

Please see the staff list below for a range of research topics that members of the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology are particularly interested in supervising. This list is indicative rather than exhaustive, and we invite novel research ideas and approaches. Some examples of past PhD topics are listed below.

PhD topics

The topics below are examples of work undertaken by our doctoral students:

  • studies of the political economy of space in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro
  • dignity in the workplace
  • use of mobile technologies and space in the work of IT consultants
  • a historiography of the role of socio-technical systems theory in the Calico Mills at Ahmedabad in India
  • a historical analysis of the role of philanthropy in India
  • an analysis of the professionalization project of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development
  • the role of financialisation in the management of lawyers within legal firms
  • emotional geographies and careers in the teaching profession
  • classification work and the UK Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • information technology, sociality and disabled people
  • the role of geographic information systems in the formulation and enforcement of deforestation control policies in Amazonia
  • the ethos of business and the denial of the tragic
  • the organizing practices surrounding the management of electronic waste
  • socio-material orderings and configurations of a European eGovernment 'community of practice'
  • policy work in the implementation of government legislation in further education

Please refer to our research page for more details.

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