Dr Alexandros Skandalis

Lecturer in Marketing

Research Overview

My research interests revolve around consumer behaviour, consumer culture theory, cultural sociology, arts and experiential marketing, digital consumption, and consumption-driven entrepreneurship. I am particularly interested in conducting research within the cultural and creative industries.

A key aspect of my research is related to consumption aesthetics and taste and the consumption of space and place. My doctoral research aimed to explore spatial taste formation processes via individuals' aesthetic experiences in the marketplace within the context of music consumption. I have previously conducted ethnographic research within diverse musical spaces (e.g. festivals, concert halls) and fields (e.g. indie, classical music). A current research project deals with the exploration of the variety of ways in which individuals further develop their musical tastes in the indie music field by drawing upon place-specific practices and experiences in Manchester, UK.

Another central aspect of my research relates to the study of consumption-driven entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries (e.g. indie music professionals, make-up artists, craft designers).

A third dimension of my research focuses on the study of 'offline' and 'online' consumption experiences from a post-postmodern perspective. Prior research aimed to investigate the nature of online experiences within the context of digital gaming communities in post-postmodern consumer culture.

My work has appeared in several international peer-reviewed journals such as Advances in Consumer Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Place Management and Development, and Marketing Theory.

I presented my research outputs in numerous international conferences including the Association of Consumer Research Conference (ACR), Consumer Culture Theory Conference (CCT), Academy of Marketing Conference, Interpretive Consumer Research Conference (ICR), and European Academy of Design Conference, amongst others.

I was awarded the best paper prize in the Arts & Heritage Marketing Track of the 2015 Academy of Marketing Conference in Limerick, Ireland.