Gilang Kartika

PhD student

Research Overview

I am a PhD candidate in the Marketing Department at Lancaster University Management School. My study is funded by the Indonesian government through The Indonesian Education Scholarship for PhD’s program.

Prior to starting my doctorate in 2015, I received my Master of Science in Marketing Management from the Master Magister program at the University of Indonesia (with distinction) and a Masters in Brand Leadership from Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia (with merit). In my Masters degrees, I performed two pieces of research in branding and consumer behaviour areas:

  • “An Analysis of the effect of consumer perception of brand function, utility value, hedonic value, and online brand experience on behavioural intentions and consumer satisfaction on the fashion industry: A Case Study of fashion retailer website in the United Kingdom and Indonesia.”. 29th of August 2013. MSc Brand Leadership Dissertation. University of East Anglia (with distinction).
  • “Analysis of hedonic and utilitarian values on customer satisfaction and behavioural intentions in the fast-casual restaurant industry: Case of Social House Customer”. July 2012. Master Magister Management Thesis at University of Indonesia, Faculty of Economics. (with distinction).

My research interests are in the areas of branding, especially consumer-brand relationships. My current research investigates the effect of consumers’ tendency to anthropomorphise and brand anthropomorphism on consumer’s response towards brand betrayal. I am using a quantitative approach, specifically I am using structural equation modelling to analyse the effect of brand anthropomorphism on consumers’ responses towards brand betrayal.

By doing this research, I am hoping that I can contribute to address the theoretical and managerial questions about how consumer-brand relationships can recover after brand betrayal.

As for my teaching experience, I was a tutor for MKTG 101 (introduction to marketing) in 2016-2017.