Dr Hina Khan


My Role

Director of International Teaching Partnerships Engagement


Dr Khan is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of International Teaching Partnership Engagement at Lancaster University. She regularly presents papers and chairs sessions at international conferences. She is competent in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. She has served on Editorial Boards of several journals and also reviews papers for international journals and conferences. Her research interests encompass the investigation of strategic marketing and consumer buying behaviour, with a focus on AI advancements, rebranding, emerging markets, conspicuous and inconspicuous consumption, and the impact of a product's country of origin on consumers' purchasing decisions and decision-making processes. Additionally, She is actively involved in research pertaining to Multi-nationals (MNEs) and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development, specifically addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by globalisation, AI advancement and their overarching ramifications.

She received an Award of Excellence – Outstanding Reviewer’s Award 2013 - from Emerald Publishing company for the significant contribution to the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. Two of her journal articles have been selected for the Emerald Global Reading ListAssit – the list is available to all the subscribers worldwide. She was one of the three finalists for Lloyds TSB Jewel Award in 2007.

In addition, she has maintained links with the industry. She has undertaken leading roles in both industry and academia. She is also experienced in leading teams and consultancy projects to a successful outcome. She teaches as well as supervises Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral students.

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