Dr James Cronin

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

James is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Marketing at Lancaster University Management School and is Deputy Director of the LUMS Centre for Consumption Insights. His principal research interests are in the sociological aspects of consumer behaviour including collective forms of consumption, consumer health and wellbeing, and readings of marketing informed by cultural theory. James is also interested in issues related to people's day to day encounters with the marketplace including their grocery shopping and their parasocial relationships with celebrities and celebrity brands. Much of his research focuses on how social structures, ideologies and interactions between people shape and ground their consumption experiences. In order to explore these theoretical areas, James has used a wide variety of qualitative research methods and explanatory concepts.

His work has appeared in international peer-reviewed journals including Sociology of Health & Illness, European Journal of Marketing, Marketing Theory, Journal of Marketing Management and Consumption, Markets & Culture.

  • James was awarded the prize for 'Best Competitive Paper Award' at the 2016 Consumer Culture Theory Conference in Lille, France.
  • James' work was given an honourable mention for excellence at the 2017 Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop in Stockholm Business School, Sweden.