Kandrika Pritularga



Kandrika Pritularga is a Lecturer in Management Science at Lancaster University. His research interests are mainly in statistical forecasting models, with business, healthcare, and tourism application. Specifically, Kandrika are interested in the model estimation and how to mitigate uncertainty in modelling. Kandrika has developed an estimation procedure in univariate and multivariate exponential smoothing models, and examines hierarchical forecasting in detail.

Kandrika graduated from Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, in 2011. He then pursued MSc in Operations Research and Management Science at Lancaster University, UK, in 2016, with the dissertation topic of handling structural breaks in forecasting. In 2018, he received a PhD studentship at Lancaster University in business forecasting, and his doctoral thesis is titled "Mitigating Parameter Uncertaity in Business Forecasting".

  • Centre for Health Futures