Dr Savita Verma

Visiting Researcher

Research Overview

Savita is a Research Associate in the Department of Management Science working on the Plastic Packaging in Peoples’ Lives (PPiPL) project. Her research focuses on how individuals (employees and consumers) perceive sustainability and how attitudes affect their motivation and particular behaviours such as green and pro-environmental behaviour. Her research employs various qualitative methods that are in-depth and focused on how they can make a difference to the world.

As part of professional development, Savita has presented at several reputable conferences in the discipline of operations and supply chain management such as European operations management association (EurOMA), Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), British Academy of Management (BAM), etc. and contributed as a chair to some of the sessions. She has also played a reviewer role in refereed conferences like the Academy of Management, British Academy of Management, and European Operations Management Association.

Her research interest lies in the following topics:

  • Supply chain management thinking and practices toward sustainable development;
  • Drivers, antecedents, and mechanisms affecting individual behaviours, sustainable supply chain management and firms environmental behaviours;
  • Reducing plastic packaging in food supply chains;
  • Reverse, sustainable logistics and circular economy solutions.