Sylvia D'Souza

Senior Teaching Associate

Research Overview

My research interest lies in studying the processes, relational dynamics and logics underlying practical action in organisations, more specifically the ethical dimension of action. In my current research, I develop a descriptive sociology of morality in the Indian context to show what ethics looks like in practice from the point of view of those who enact it daily in socio-culturally inscribed, institutionally and organisationally determined, and motivationally embodied ways. Within this broader account, I also explore how organisational technologies, particularly performance technologies, lying at the intersection of the multiple levels of analysis constitute the organisational subject as well as the taken-for-granted conditions of action in the setting.

I am mainly oriented towards a practice theoretical perspective. My practical experience of working and in a sense ‘being’ in industry for over a decade, specifically the digital media and communications field, profoundly informs this perspective both in terms of my research as well as pedagogy.