Professor Vudayagi Balasubramanyam

Emeritus Professor


V.N. Balasubramanyam is Emeritus Professor of Development Economics in the Department of Economics, Management School. He was educated at the University of Mysore, Chicago University and the University of Illinois. He holds a doctorate from the University of Illinois. Professor Balasubramanyam specialises in international trade, international investment and economic development. He has published widely on foreign direct investment, technology transfer, and India's economic policies and performance. His books include International Transfer of Technology to India, The Economy of India, Meeting the Third world Challenge and Mutinationals in the Third World. He has recently edited Jagdish Bhagwati; writings in International Economics, with an introduction on recent developments in international economics which places Jagdish Bhagwati's work in context. His latest book on India "Conversations with Indian Economists" was published in 2001. In collaboration with Dr (Mrs ) Ahalya Balasubramanyam he has published a number of articles on India's Software Industry. His current research is on foreign investment, the Diaspora and Development. Balasubramanyam is a member of the Editorial Board of The World Economy and has acted as academic consultant to the OECD on the Global Forum on International Investment.

  • Political Economy and International Trade