Dr Xishu Li

Lecturer in Management Science

Research Overview

I am an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at Department of Management Science, Lancaster University Management School, UK.

Ph.D. (2019) in Operations Management, from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. My dissertation is on dynamic decision making under supply chain competition.

I am specialized in operations management, supply chain management, real-time optimization, pattern recognition, and software development. My research topics include capacity investment, transportation planning, supply disruption risk forecasting, new product development, technology adoption, and contracting in new forms of economy. Some examples of the research questions are: how (when) should firms invest in their production capacity for a new product under competition and uncertain consumer tastes? how to measure demand risk and consumer taste uncertainty? how should firms sign contracts with gig workers to ensure a sustainable and robust labor supply? how to assess supply disruption risk with limited data?

In all of my research, I work closely with firms, especially those in the aviation, retail, and pharmaceutical industries. Some examples of the firms which I work with are Fokker, Air France-KLM, Philips, and Amazon Web Service. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, I thrive in solving practical problems and providing impactful solutions. My focus extends beyond theoretical exploration as I actively engage in the implementation process, ensuring the seamless integration of my solutions.

Please view my work at this website: https://xishu.artificialintelligence.works/

Selected Publications

Optimal competitive capacity strategies: Evidence from the container shipping market
Li, X., Zuidwijk, R., de Koster, M. 28/02/2023 In: Omega: The International Journal of Management Science. 115, p. 102790. 18 p.
Journal article

Time for Upgrades? In Time for Consumers and Competition
Li, X., Zuidwijk, R., de Koster, R., Sethi, S. 28/02/2023 In: International Journal of Production Economics. 256, 45 p.
Journal article

Business Transformation in an Age of Turbulence-Lessons Learned from COVID-19
Li, X., Voorneveld, M., de Koster, R. 31/03/2022 In: Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 176, 12 p.
Journal article

Using forecasting to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on passenger air transport demand
Li, X., de Groot, M., Bäck, T. 31/08/2023 In: Decision Sciences. 54, 4, p. 394-409. 16 p.
Journal article

Lifecycle Forecast for Consumer Technology Products with Limited Sales Data
Li, X., Yin, Y., Manrique, D.V., Bäck, T. 30/09/2021 In: International Journal of Production Economics. 239, 10 p.
Journal article

When to Allocate Capacity for Upward Line Extensions Under Competition and Consumer Taste Uncertainty?
Li, X., Zuidwijk, R., de Koster, M., Sethi, S. 28/08/2021 SSRN Working Paper
Working paper

Dynamic Capacity Investment under Competition
Li, X., Zuidwijk, R., de Koster, M., Dekker, R. 2018
Working paper

Dynamic Decision Making under Supply Chain Competition
Li, X. 11/01/2019 Erasmus University.
Doctoral Thesis

Assessing end-of-supply risk of spare parts using the proportional hazard model
Li, X., Dekker, R., Heij, C., Hekimoglu, M. 30/04/2016 In: Decision Sciences. 47, 2, p. 373-394. 22 p.
Journal article

Competitive Capacity Investment under Uncertainty
Li, X., Zuidwijk, R., de Koster, R., Dekker, R. 3/03/2016
Working paper

Agile transformations and Organizational Performance: the impact of maturity, employee satisfaction and transformation approach
van Els, V.V., Li, X. 2018
Master's Thesis

Actionable policy insights for UK Export Finance
Expert Opinion

Senior Fellowship Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
Fellowship awarded competitively

Prize (including medals and awards)

  • Centre for Marketing Analytics & Forecasting
  • Centre for Transport & Logistics (CENTRAL)
  • Simulation and Stochastic Modelling
  • STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training