Dr Yuting Bai


Research Overview

I specialise in the area of Macroeconomic control policy, with my research rooted in the analysis of monetary and fiscal policies. I investigate optimal policy strategies and the dynamics of policy interaction, employing Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models as the cornerstone of my analytical framework.

Carbon footprinting
01/04/2024 → 01/04/2027

Macro Finance Dynamics
01/03/2024 → 01/03/2025

Stabilising Economies
01/02/2024 → 01/02/2025

Using Blogs and Social Media for Scholarship in Management Education
Participation in workshop, seminar, course

Business Briefing
Business Course/Training

Computing in Economics and Finance 20th International Conference
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

Monetary Analysis and Monetary Policy Frameworks Conference
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

BOE and Centre for Macroeconomics conference on Macroeconomics: Understanding low growth
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

Money Macro and Finance Research Group 45th Annual Conference
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

The 2013 Annual Conference of the Royal Economic Society
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

Computing in Economics and Finance 18th international conference
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

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