Xiang Zheng, NHH Norwegian School of Economics - Seminar

Wednesday 6 December 2023, 10:15am to 11:30am


A15 Charles Carter Building, Lancaster, UK

Open to

Postgraduates, Staff


Registration not required - just turn up

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Accounting and Finance, Accounting Seminar by Assistant Professor Xiang Zheng, NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Paper title: Workplace Harassment Risk, Non-disclosure Agreements, and Information Flow



We study the effects of the legal reform of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) targeting workplace harassment. We argue that the new laws that limit the use of NDAs in harassment cases (i) reduce harassment-related frictions in social interactions between employees and (ii) improve information exchange in firms. Empirically, we find that legal insider trading becomes more profitable and less frequent, and firm value increases. The effects of the laws are stronger for individuals with high frictions in their social networks and for firms with high reliance on private communication. Keywords: Workplace harassment, information exchange, insider trading

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Name Julie Stott