Applicant Visit Day

Applicant Visit Days

Online Applicant Visit Day Saturday 28th March 2020: 10:15am - 3pm

We are looking forward to talking to you online for the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) Applicant Visit Day (AVD). This is your chance to explore the course you have applied for in depth, as well as speak to staff and students!

This page outlines the different sessions that are available to you, depending on which course you have applied for, and will help you decide which you would like to join. There are also instructions for how to join the sessions, so please read this page carefully. However, if you have any questions at all, or any technical difficulties, please email us.

Schedule for your Online Visit Day


About Microsoft Teams

We will be delivering the AVD via Microsoft Teams. Teams can be accessed via a range of devices and operating systems, without the need for you to register. But, you may need to download the app depending on the device you're using.

Joining Instructions