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Economic decisions and activities impact many different areas of society and our everyday lives. A degree in Economics will help you to understand why.

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Wherever you want your career to take you, our degrees allow you to pursue your own interests, and develop the analytical skills that will make you highly attractive to employers.

  • Economics BSc Hons

    Are you comfortable and fluent in mathematics? This could be the course for you. An understanding of economics gets to the heart of how the world works and is highly prized by employers. This degree builds on first principles, looking at issues in the real world. This allows you to understand fundamental issues and topical concerns. Available with study abroad and placement options.

  • Economics BA Hons

    You don't need Economics or Mathematics A level to apply for BA Economics at Lancaster, as the course is designed to give you a broader appreciation of key issues in society, by combining economic analysis with insights from the other social sciences. The course starts from first principles, looking at issues in the real world. Also available with a placement year in industry.

  • Business Economics BSc Hons

    If you'd like to learn more about the relevance of economics to business and management, this four-year degree including a paid placement in industry could be the one for you. You'll apply your learning to real-world issues, gaining a thorough grounding in Economics with other business subjects. You do not need an A level in Mathematics or Economics to apply for this course.

  • Economics and Finance BSc Hons

    Finance and economics are intrinsic to how the modern world functions. Our degree combines the broad sweep and critical thinking of economics with a focus on the markets and investing of finance giving you an excellent foundation for a career in management and finance. You will examine issues such as the crisis in banking, fairness in organisations and CEO salaries. Available with a placement year in industry.

  • Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE) BSc Hons

    Our MORSE degree produces mathematically skilled graduates who can solve problems using numbers. The course combines Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics, and Economics. It's perfect for students who excel in mathematics and want to apply their analytical skills in business. The programme is also available with a placement year.

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