Fat Media

Fat Media, based in Lancaster, is a multi-award-winning website design and digital marketing company who provide high-end website design, development and tactical campaigns for hundreds of clients across the UK.

The Challenge

Fat Media was keen to improve the success rate of their advertising pitches and expand its client base to include larger companies and organisations. They sought a researcher with specific expertise and knowledge of the language used in marketing documentation, to review marketing pitches and make recommendations for action to improve conversion rates.

Skills Sought

  • Knowledge of key concepts within the advertising and marketing sector
  • Ability to interpret data and produce reports
  • Specific knowledge of language used in marketing documentation

The Solution

Hayley Cowburn, Psychology of Advertising, was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship Programme for a four week internship with Fat Media. Hayley analysed Fat Media's competitors and produced a competitor benchmarking report, reviewed the language used in their marketing documentation, made recommendations on how the company could evoke a positive reaction in their clients, and suggested how to reposition the company in light of this information.


The internship was fully funded by the UNITE+ project, part financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with an estimated value of £3040.


  • Provided psycholinguistic expertise
  • Anticipated improvement in business performance leading to a 100% GVA improvement over 3 years
  • Intern gained full time employment at Fat Media and another new job is anticipated

Company Feedback

"Strategically, we want to develop a long term talent strategy that includes internships as an important way for us to both look at potential future employees, and to innovate our business. We know our market is maturing and we must compete in new, unthought-of ways and we look to interns to help us.

"Hayley joined Fat Media as a result of meeting us through the internship scheme. Looking at the psycholinguistics of our marketing documentation, Hayley suggested some excellent areas for improvement and we have already implemented many of these.

"Hayley fit perfectly in to the dynamic and entrepreneurial culture at Fat Media and she now has a full time role in our Digital Marketing Team. Fat Media will definitely be taking on more interns in the future to continue to add new talent to the award-winning team of 60."

Thelma Aye, Talent Manager, Fat Media

Intern Feedback

"My internship with Fat Media has been the perfect opportunity for me to pull together and practise everything I have learnt from my Psychology of Advertising course. The company have been very helpful in opening up many doors of communication and opportunity for me.

"As well as increasing my employability, it has also given me a crystal clear understanding of the industry, and the confidence to say that it is definitely where I want to progress my career, and how to achieve it. The university were also extremely supportive throughout the whole process.

"My internship with Fat Media helped me gain full time employment - I am now their full time Digital Marketing Consultant! I work with the digital marketing team to develop bespoke digital marketing campaigns, assist in marketing strategies, provide web analytics, client reports and create new website content as part of the digital marketing mix for clients. I was very lucky to be going straight into a graduate job and it's all down to the help I've had."

Hayley Cowburn, Fat Media Intern