The Organisation

Gamesko Limited, based in Lancaster, operates a social poker product which their customers play through Facebook, or their iOS and Android apps.

The Challenge

The company wanted to develop a tool to help them manage their product range.

Skills Sought

  • Software engineering skills
  • Keen to work using best-practice methodologies
  • Web development skills

The Solution

Jack Croft, MSci Hons Computer Science and Mathematics, was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship Programme for a three-month internship with Gamesko Limited.

Jack created a responsive management tool for their products, using his background in mathematics and computer science to apply his knowledge to the development of the technology. Jack helped to develop a new product whilst also improving the company’s existing product range.


The internship was part-financed by Gamesko Limited at £1,800, and part-financed by Santander, with a total value of £3,300.


The company have implemented the management tool and improved the efficiency of their business.

Benefits to the company

  • Knowledge and expertise of Lancaster University Science and Technology students
  • Creation of the management tool improved the efficiency of the business
  • Allowed the company to grow their client base and the services they can provide, with the potential to expand the company
  • Saved management time

Company Feedback

“The creation of the management tool improved the efficiency of our business, and it wouldn’t have been possible to create it in such a short a time without help from Lancaster University’s Science and Technology Internship Programme. Jack was a very competent worker and I wish him every success.”

Chris Noden, Gamesko Limited

Student feedback

“My internship was with IT company Gamesko Limited. I chose them as I thought the internship would help expand my skills. They were also really friendly people! The most important things I gained were skills in web development and more familiarity with a working environment. The internship has definitely influenced my future plans - I’m more interested in web-based employment options now - and following the internship I got a job with a company based in the same office as Gamesko. I felt supported throughout my internship and would strongly recommend the internship programme to other students; gaining experience is invaluable!”

Jack Croft, MSci Computer Science and Mathematics, Gamesko Limited Intern