Next World Web

Next World Web, based in InfoLab21, is a web development company, providing software engineering and programming specialising in bespoke web application including e-commerce websites.

The Challenge

Historically Next World Web mainly provided web development, web design, web hosting and site management.

However, the company changed its strategic focus and wanted to gain clients requiring more complex development projects.

They needed to develop a new service offering in order to access this new market, but lacked the time and resources to do so.

Skills Sought

  • Software engineering
  • Software development

The Solution

James Garner, Computer Science, was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship Programme for a four week internship with Next World Web. James developed a web application to act as a promotional tool for the company.


The internship was fully funded by the UNITE+, part financed by the European Regional Development Fund, and has an estimated value of £3040.


The new web application provided a useful and enticing advertising service to the local community for advertising localised events, and also showcased the capabilities of the company and indirectly to potential clients through its use with local industry. The company was so impressed with James they offered him a part-time job whilst he finishes his Computer Science degree.


  • Saved Next World Web management time
  • Provided a new service to promote the business
  • Ongoing employment for the intern at Next World Web plus an additional 1 new job anticipated and 1 safeguarded
  • Anticipated improvement in business performance leading to a 400 % GVA improvement over 3 years

Company Feedback

"Next World Web is based on campus in InfoLab21, and the internship scheme is perfect for start-ups such as mine. In my particular case it was a catalyst that started to transform the business from a one man band to a growing business that is currently looking to recruit more talent.

"I was so impressed with our intern, James Garner, that I decided to give him a part-time job while he finishes his Computer Science degree. His extra skills are an asset to the business - we can now take on more projects and grow even further.

"I would recommend the internships scheme to any business; it's a great way to try out new staff."

Alvin Blewitt, Director, Next World Web

Intern Feedback

"It was exciting to get my first taste of a real working environment. The internship showed me the importance of time in business. It has changed my outlook on programming for the web completely. The benefits for me are numerous, for example, using a formal source control system (Git) where every change is accountable, taught me not to make quick assumptions. Every development company has some form of source control system, but I'd never used one before, it made me more employable.

"Mainly, I was an academic who came to the business environment and built bridges between these environments. The greatest point is that the internship got me ongoing employment at Next World Web, where I now make an even bigger economic difference in local business: the company now takes on more and more projects and invests in other employees due to the success of this internship."

James Garner, Research Assistant Intern, Next World Web