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Undergraduate study in Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Develop your entrepreneurial skills with our multi-dimensional courses, paving the way for a successful career or new business venture.

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About Entrepreneurship at Lancaster

People with an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset are critical to the global economy. On this degree you will develop this mindset through learning how to evaluate new ideas, creating and developing opportunities and engaging with the real challenges of taking innovative and sustainable ideas to markets.

These are the actions of individuals who focus on getting things done, and those who want to make change for the better - whether this be within an existing organisation or the creation of a new venture. This degree will enable you to develop and reflect on the key skills that will enable you to make this happen. We do this by immersing you in a network of world-class academics and providing you with the mentorship of our successful, diverse and dynamic Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

Unlike traditional management courses, the BSc Entrepreneurship and Management provides an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills in creativity, opportunity identification, social networking, business start-up and selling.

The Benefits

Undergraduate Courses

Gain first-hand experience of business on our three- and four-year degrees.

Degree Flexibility

Our degrees are designed to help you switch the focus of your studies as your interests develop. We understand that committing yourself to a particular degree when you haven't studied it before is a big decision. Your first year, known as Part I gives you the opportunity to adapt to a new way of learning. At the end of this year, you will have experienced different subjects which will help you to make a clearer decision about what you want to study for the rest of your degree, known as Part II.

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Entrepreneurs in Residence

Entrepreneurs are the stars of our community. We need them inside the School to keep every programme and every piece of research sharp with insights from the frontline of business. And in return, entrepreneurs have the kudos of being part of LUMS, the chance to access new ideas and grow their networks with peers, world-class academics and students across the Management School - and the University.

Running since 2008, we now have 50 people acting as Entrepreneurs in Residence each year. Activities include giving masterclass talks to other business owners and senior directors, contributing a spark to classroom activities and student research, and helping to make our offerings the best possible fit and deliver value for business. The entrepreneurs have their own dedicated space in LUMS to work and run meetings.


Our Entrepreneurship and Management degree provides you with vital employability skills to pursue a variety of career pathways, as well as numerous opportunities to pitch in competitions or join award schemes.

Tab Content: Career Support

Here in LUMS we have a dedicated Careers Team to provide our students with personalised advice, guidance and coaching to help them take advantage of the career options that come their way.

Whether you are focused on achieving a specific goal, need support making impressive applications or are exploring new career paths that have opened up during your degree, there are regular drop-in sessions and private appointments available for longer consultations.

Tab Content: Careers Pathways

Our programmes promote a broad view of entrepreneurship, so typical career paths after graduation vary with some students working for large and small organisations, some students starting their own business and others working for the government or third sector organisations (charities and social enterprises).

Route 1: New Business Venture

Starting a new business, you'll incorporate your knowledge of what works and doesn't work, along with your experience of interacting with real entrepreneurs. The learning activities you have participated in throughout your time at LUMS will help you make informed decisions, and the network of business contacts built up during your degree will enable you to explore funding opportunities to get your business started.

Route 2: Global Graduate Programme

By joining a global graduate placement scheme following your degree from LUMS, you'll understand how business models in large organisations are constructed and developed. Your experience managing real-world projects as part of your degree will ensure you are capable of dealing with challenges and achieving success.

Route 3: Third Sector

Create a real impact and put your knowledge into changing the world by joining a government graduate scheme or global charity. Throughout your degree, you'll develop entrepreneurial effectiveness by acquiring social enterprise skills, and the knowledge of ways to address challenges in distinct social contexts.

Tab Content: Competitions & Awards

The Annual James Milnes Placement Student of the Year award

This annual student award, in memory of James Milnes, recognises the BA (Hons) Management and Entrepreneurship student who is judged to have demonstrated high levels of personal and professional growth and development throughout their placement year and/or has made an outstanding contribution to the organisation they have worked for.

Lancaster Award

The Lancaster Award, developed in partnership with employers, is a certificate that rewards you for making the most of your time at Lancaster. The Lancaster Award will enhance your future employment prospects by encouraging you to undertake extra-curricular activities and acquire new skills and experiences valued by employers. You will undertake a variety of activities and reflect on the skills you have developed. You will be assessed via the submission of a mock job application form.

College Life and Societies

Colleges and societies are a key component of the life of any undergraduate student at Lancaster. They offer numerous opportunities to get involved through the Junior Common Room. Colleges also offer opportunities for engagement around specific issues such as sustainability, gaming and so forth.

Entrepreneurial competitions

Through internal and external opportunities students can access entrepreneurial competitions to attract funding, mentoring and other types of resources. We are particularly proud of our association with the Santander Business Plan Competition and the opportunities opened to Lancaster University students to pitch for a significant award.

Placements in Industry

On most of our degrees, you have the option of doing a placement year. For some, the placement is an integral part of the degree, but on most of our other degrees you can also take an optional placement year. If you’re able to take that extra year, you’re likely to find it very beneficial. The experience will give your employment prospects a huge boost – you will not find it hard to secure interviews for graduate jobs.

Placements and Study Abroad

Student Profiles

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