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Undergraduate study in Business and Management

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Chloe Semwayo

About Business and Management at Lancaster

Our business and management degrees are designed to give you sound professional and technical knowledge of management disciplines, practical managerial skills and experience. If you choose a course with an industry placement, you will be immersed in an organisation where you will gain vital employability skills to help you develop your chosen career pathway.

Our international courses give you an informed insight into the culture and customs of other countries and some offer the option to complete an industrial placement abroad too. If you choose one of our European programmes you'll become fluent in at least one other European language, and through our double-degree course options you will be awarded with two degrees; one from Lancaster and the other from the corresponding partner university.

The Benefits

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Ranked in the Top 100 worldwide

Lancaster is ranked =99th worldwide for Business and Economics in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings by subject 2024.

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Undergraduate Courses

With a variety of courses providing you with valuable industrial and international experience, you will gain the core skills to pursue a successful career in a range of professions. Whichever degree you choose, you will be guaranteed a challenging, memorable and rewarding experience with a great variety of potential career pathways to choose from both in the UK and internationally.


Studying one of our business and management courses with an integrated work placement will immerse you in the realities of business life.

Disney Placement

Placements in Industry

An industrial placement allows you to develop practical skills through taking on real responsibility, whilst also being paid. There are opportunities to be located in organisations throughout the UK and a small number of placements within Europe as well. Through our placements office we ensure that you find a placement that really suits you, and where you will flourish and develop professionally at a fast rate. Many students tell us that they have done things on their placement that they never dreamt they would be capable of.

There are lots of advantages to completing a placement, and the experience will give your employment prospects a huge boost. It will also help you decide on your career direction and the kind of organisation in which you want to work in future.


Preparing you for the jobs market is central to everything we do.

From the start of your studies, you'll begin building the key skills you'll need to succeed and we'll help you to identify potential career options which might suit you best, along with a clear strategy to help you get there. Depending on which course you choose, you will have the opportunity to develop practical experience and take on genuine responsibility through an industry placement in the UK or Europe.

Also, if you choose a study abroad variant on some of our courses you will develop valuable international experience, cultural awareness and language skills which will give you a competitive edge in the international business environment.

Events and Networking

Every year the LUMS careers team provides a packed programme of events including campus visits by major employers, careers fairs and skills-based workshops. There are extra opportunities to enhance your skills, such as the Lancaster Award - an excellent way to provide tangible evidence of your achievements to potential employers.

Insights from our Careers Team

My name is Shelley Morgan, and I am the Careers Coach for Business Management students. My colleague Juliet Huntington is the Careers Consultant for Business Management students with a placement year and International Business Management students.

Business Management is a quite broad degree to study because it allows you to explore a wide range of academic subjects, which suits many students who are still unsure what they want to do but have a genuine interest in business. The degree will help you to identify career interests, and the Careers and Employability modules will guide you through the exploration and crystallisation stage of your career. Many graduates found a passion and direction through academic studies, career modules, and career guidance given by me and Juliet.

All Business Management students in Lancaster will have core careers and employability modules throughout their studies. You can also access personalised career guidance with me and Juliet. We will work together to explore your career aspirations and plan your activities at university to achieve your potential. Come to see us as soon as you start your degree.

You may have a few questions, such as:

“How do I make a well-informed career decision in line with my core values?”

“How do I break into a career that I'm passionate about?”

“How do I make myself more employable during university time?”

The careers and employability modules in your degree will guide your through the career decision making process by improving your self-awareness and gaining industry knowledge and experience. You can also access personalised career guidance with Juliet and I to discuss your individual needs. Let’s not forget the alumni and employer connections we have had for our students.

Studying in Lancaster is not just about your academic achievements. It is also about your student experience and growing confidence to make the leap to real working life after your degree. We are here to support you throughout university, through graduation and beyond.

On behalf of the LUMS Careers Team, we look forward to welcoming you to Lancaster.

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