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I am a first-year Marketing student and I have recently finished my first term here at Lancaster University. Throughout my first term, I have experienced and learned a lot within my course as well as the wider LUMS department.

I chose to do a Marketing degree because I was really intrigued by the processes and concepts within marketing. Wanting to learn more about this, I naturally applied to join the course. When researching more into Marketing, particularly at Lancaster University, I realised that it drew together a lot of my personal interests. From having a creative background and a general interest in society, I believe marketing involves a lot of this not only through adverts but in practices thinking about the needs of the consumer and how you can target specific consumer groups. Already having a great interest and curiosity about this subject, I became very excited about studying Marketing at Lancaster University.

Having only recently finished my first term at Lancaster University, I have learned a lot about Marketing and what revolves around it. From creating markets, marketing management, to aspects I had not considered before or even thought of, I believe my breadth of knowledge and understanding of what constitutes Marketing is constantly growing. One thing that I love is how the course emphasises the application to real-life situations and case studies. Bringing the theory to life through real-life application made everything make sense, in addition to learning about how different companies have applied theory to their organisations and how they have managed both predicted and unpredicted events. It has become valuable to me the importance of keeping up to date with the news, particularly in business and retailing. A number of the articles I have read have proven to be useful, especially in our first Marketing Essay. Having read articles and stories on companies and their marketing strategies, I was excited to talk about these recent examples within my essays. This has also made me realise that Marketing theories created in the 20th century are still relevant in today’s marketing.

I believe my curiosity and interest in Marketing has been further fulfilled by the enthusiastic lecturers. You can easily tell that the lecturers genuinely want to pass on their knowledge and assist with your success in the future. The lecturers are always encouraging us to think critically – this is one thing I have found particularly useful here within the Management School. We are increasingly encouraged to look at approaches from different perspectives.

Overall, my experience so far has been fantastic. The supportive and encouraging environment within LUMS is what I believe will help me keep on gaining more knowledge and experience, as well as supporting me to fulfil my future success.


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