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Arnside village
Jowin Goh

My class took a day trip to Arnside before the lent term ended. This trip is probably what most of us needed after all the intensity we had been through in the term. We walked around the beach and hiked onto the mountain to get the best view from Arnside. Additionally, we also got to meet some locals and people from different countries. Thanks to Radka (our design thinking prof) for making this happen. We were all grateful for it.

On this trip, we talked about how design thinking was pretty much about what we see and encounter. However, we just didn’t know what design thinking was before taking the module. For instance, the fish and chips we had in Arnside. It is probably the best fish and chips I had since I arrived in the UK. They transformed themselves through the pandemic. As a local fish and chip shop, they even have an app for order reservations and collection time to avoid the crowd in the shop. Apart from that, even though we took this course in the Michaelmas term, we still can recall a case we had been through in class when our train was unpredictably late!

From here we could see how many things we learned from the design thinking module had embedded into our life and mindset. Check out the design thinking double diamond framework! This framework is pretty much multipurpose, I have used this on most of my modules after design thinking even on structuring my presentation.

As a foodie what I enjoyed the most from this trip were the fish and chips! I do encourage you guys to give it a try when you have a chance.

Arnside is not as popular as the Lake District but it is definitely worth a visit to unwind!

Jowin Goh

Digital Content Ambassador

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