Richard Peter, IOWA Tippie College of Business - Seminar

Friday 21 June 2024, 10:15am to 11:30am



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Postgraduates, Staff


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Accounting and Finance, Finance seminar presented by Professor Richard Peter, IOWA Tippie College of Business. Paper title: Cross-prudence and Optimal Prevention.

Richard Peter | Tippie College of Business (


In this paper, we study optimal prevention in the presence of a correlated non-financial background risk. Under positive correlation, cross-prudence in the non-financial attribute lowers optimal prevention. We show our main result in the most direct extension of the standard prevention problem with binary marginal distributions. We also discuss some model extensions including non-financial risks with several states, bounds on the intensity of cross-prudence. Our main take-away is that cross-prudence emerges as an important factor that can help explain low levels of prevention at the individual level.

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