Dr Alan Gilchrist

Senior Lecturer in Marketing


Using broadly ethnographic approaches, I view organizational discourse analysis as both relevant and significant as a mechanism of helping both research and practitioner communities alike comprehend and understand complex and dynamic organizational strategizing.

Working at the intersection of research and enagement with organizations allows me to develop marketing and organizational theory which is hopefully not just novel, but applicable to the real world of strategy and strategic marketing.

My research attempts to make sense of the organizational relationships “marketing” has both intra-organizationally, and inter-organizationally, and makes theoretical contributions on strategic marketing change theory, organizational strategy, strategy-as-practice, and ethnographic methods.

I am deeply interested in examining the micro level discourse of managers and leaders as they attempt to make sense of the political and power landscape of the organization in strategic change settings. Focused on my research interests, I have published in both marketing and organizational journals, including Organization Studies, Human Relations, British Journal of Management, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Management, and Business History, on topics such as managerial sense-making, power and politics, and researcher interests and motives.

PhD examiner Jekaterina Rindt

Academy of Management Discoveries (Journal)
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PhD Examiner for Edward Turner

PhD examiner for Asad Aman

Journal of Change Management (Journal)
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Journal of Marketing Management (Journal)
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Business Engagement

Organization (Journal)
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British Journal of Management (Journal)
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