Dr Mike Hazas


Career Details

Academic qualifications:

1st class BA Hons Sociology, Lancaster (2008)

Doctor of Philosophy Mobile Computing, University of Cambridge (2003)

Master of Philosophy Signal Processing, University of Cambridge (1999)

1st class BSc Electrical Engineering (1998)


Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, 2005-present

Research Associate, Computing Department, Lancaster University, 2003-2005

Selected Publications

Evaluation beyond Usability: Validating Sustainable HCI Research
Remy, C., Bates, O.E.G., Dix, A., Thomas, V., Hazas, M.D., Friday, A.J., Huang, E. 21/04/2018
Conference contribution/Paper

Demand around the clock: time use and data demand of mobile devices in everyday life
Widdicks, K.V., Bates, O.E.G., Hazas, M.D., Friday, A.J., Beresford, A. 6/05/2017
Conference contribution/Paper

Digitalisation, energy and data demand: The impact of Internet traffic on overall and peak electricity consumption
Morley, J., Widdicks, K.V., Hazas, M.D. 04/2018 In: Energy Research and Social Science. 38, p. 128-137. 10 p.
Journal article

HCI and environmental public policy: opportunities for engagement
Thomas, V., Remy, C., Hazas, M.D., Bates, O.E.G. 6/05/2017
Conference contribution/Paper

Are there limits to growth in data traffic?: on time use, data generation and speed
Hazas, M.D., Morley, J., Bates, O.E.G., Friday, A.J. 9/06/2016
Conference contribution/Paper

Bearing an open “Pandora's Box”: HCI for reconciling everyday food and sustainability
Clear, A.K., O’neill, K., Friday, A., Hazas, M. 11/2016 In: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. 23, 5, 25 p.
Journal article

Exploring (un)sustainable growth of digital technologies in the home
Bates, O., Lord, C., Knowles, B., Friday, A., Clear, A., Hazas, M. 7/09/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

Demand in my pocket: mobile devices and the data connectivity marshalled in support of everyday practice
Lord, C., Hazas, M., Clear, A., Bates, O., Morley, J., Friday, A. 04/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

Tiree energy pulse: exploring renewable energy forecasts on the edge of the grid
Simm, W., Ferrario, M.A., Newman, P., Friday, A., Forshaw, S., Hazas, M., Dix, A. 04/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

Catch my drift?: achieving comfort more sustainably in conventionally heated buildings
Clear, A., Friday, A., Hazas, M., Lord, C. 2014
Conference contribution/Paper

Towards an holistic view of the energy and environmental impacts of domestic media and IT
Bates, O., Hazas, M., Friday, A., Morley, J., Clear, A.K. 2014
Conference contribution/Paper

It's Just the Internet! Appropriation in Postinternet Art
Christou, E., Hazas, M.D. 6/09/2017
Conference contribution/Paper

Matchstick: a room-to-room thermal model for predicting indoor temperature from wireless sensor data
Ellis, C., Hazas, M., Scott, J. 9/04/2013
Conference contribution/Paper

Domestic food and sustainable design: a study of university student cooking and its impacts
Clear, A., Hazas, M., Morley, J., Friday, A., Bates, O. 2013
Conference contribution/Paper

Exploring sustainability research in computing: where we are and where we go next
Knowles, B., Blair, L., Hazas, M., Walker, S. 2013
Conference contribution/Paper

PreHeat: controlling home heating using occupancy prediction
Scott, J., Bernheim Brush, A., Krumm, J., Meyers, B., Hazas, M., Hodges, S., Villar, N. 2011
Conference contribution/Paper

The significance of difference: understanding variation in household energy consumption
Morley, J., Hazas, M. 2011
Conference contribution/Paper

DSI: Energy in Schools
01/09/2018 → 29/02/2020

DSI: Energy in Schools
01/03/2018 → 30/01/2020

DEMAND: Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand
01/05/2013 → 30/06/2019

CASE:Home activity sensing for energy monitoring and home automation
01/10/2011 → 31/03/2015

Embedded broadband ultrasonic sensing for robust and scalable positioning
01/04/2009 → 30/09/2012

Embedded Broadband UltraSonic
01/10/2008 → 09/08/2011

Embedded broadband UltraSonic
01/04/2008 → …

Distributed Ledgers and Decentralised Energy in Sub Saharan Africa
01/01/1900 → …

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