Made Smarter Leadership Programme

Made Smarter Leadership Programme

A ten-month leadership programme in conjunction with the NW pilot MADE SMARTER.  With the pace of change being more intense than ever, this programme is specifically designed for business leaders of manufacturing SMEs wanting to improve their productivity through the adoption of new industrial digital technologies (IDTs).  

About the Programme

The programme begins with a residential induction which includes a 2-day overnight event which sets the context of leadership within this changing environment and creates a platform for ongoing peer-to-peer learning. This builds and develops trust amongst participants, whilst being challenged to think differently about your business and explore the potential for change. 

The Made Smarter Leadership Programme is designed to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to drive change within your organisation to transition to be a smart manufacturer. It takes a collaboratory approach bringing together a group of SMEs with key stakeholders to enable their vision to occur.

Next Programme Start: January 2020

Made Smarter

Programme Elements

Made Smarter includes two non-consecutive days each month to develop your knowledge and leadership skills.  This will be delivered through a range of activity including workshops from leading academics from Lancaster University’s Management School, sharing cutting edge research alongside business practitioners.  Additionally you will visit other SMEs already adopting the new technologies to learn from their experience.  Finally, you will have the chance to create your own ‘sprint’ to test out ideas within your organisation.

A residential induction to build trust and start the challenge

Leadership workshops addressing the key issues for SMEs adopting digital technologies and how to implement and sustain change

Develop mini sprints to test ideas out in the workplace

Equip business leaders with a clear vision and a systematic approach to pursue smarter manufacturing

An online forum to discuss, debate and share knowledge

Visit smart businesses to see technology in action and learn from lived experiences

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The Benefits

The programme will increase your leadership capability and capacity to drive your business through this transformational time to achieve responsible and sustainable growth. You will gain a clear vision and sense of purpose for pursuing smarter manufacturing, as well as having the opportunity to actively experiment and implement IDTs, by working collaboratively in strong and trusting peer networks.

Business people

It is a hugely exciting time for the North West, and I believe this is truly a once in a generation opportunity to boost productivity and create the high value, highly paid jobs of the future.

Juergen Maier, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens UK


Costs & Apply

The programme will cost £2,500 per delegate which has been subsidised by the Made Smarter pilot from a cost of £5000.