Eden Bear Visits the Pre-School Centre.

Children jump woith excitement at the arrival of Eden Bear

As part of the Eden Project North, a teddy bear named Eden Bear spent 10 days visiting the children at our Pre-School Centre.

The children (and parents) were sent on a treasure hunt over the Spring holidays as a way of encouraging them to visit the Morecambe area and learn about important local landmarks such as the Eric Morecambe memorial statue, the clock tower and the life guard station.

The children then spent time telling Eden Bear all about their adventures and proceeded to give Eden Bear a tour of campus! The children enjoyed visiting different parts of campus, using the wayfinding signage on campus to find their way around.

The Eden Bear Project is one of the Eden Project North’s initiatives to engage with the local community and Eden Bear will be visiting all Early Years settings across the Lancaster and Morecambe area over the next couple of months. 

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