After you've applied

This page provides useful information for anyone who has applied or is holding an offer for undergraduate study at Lancaster.

We are here to support you through the admissions process and want to ensure that your application progresses smoothly. There is some important information on this page, so please do take time to read it.

If you are applying for Medicine and Surgery, we recommend that you refer to the Lancaster Medical School pages, as they provide specific advice on admissions, some of which will differ from the advice on the rest of this page.

UCAS also has some useful advice on what happens after you have made your application.

Cancellation of exams in 2021

The UK Government has announced a number of alternative assessment arrangements, including the cancellation of A level and GCSE examinations in the summer.

Lancaster University will be working closely with UCAS, the Government and with schools and colleges, to ensure we can help you on your journey to university, and we will keep you updated with information as it becomes available.


  • Changing your course

    If you've changed your mind and would like to be considered for a different course, please contact the Admissions team, giving your name, UCAS personal ID and tell us what course you would like to be considered for. It would also help us if you can be clear if you definitely wish to go ahead with the change if possible, or if you are only wishing to explore your options.

    If you already have an offer from us, and we are able to change your course, we will update it on UCAS Track.

    If you have not yet had a decision from us, we will consider you for the new course, and we will update your course on UCAS Track if and when we make you an offer.

  • Deferring your place

    If we have offered you a place, and you wish to defer your place to the following year of entry, please contact the Admissions team, giving your name and UCAS personal ID. It would also help us if you can be clear if you definitely wish to go ahead with the change if possible, or if you are only wishing to explore your options.

    If we are able to change your year of entry, we will update your UCAS offer, and this will appear on UCAS Track. You will still need to meet the entry requirements by 31 August, following your application.

  • Updating personal details

    If any of the personal details submitted on your UCAS application change, such as your postal or email address, it is very important that you update them on UCAS Track or by contacting the UCAS hotline on 0371 468 0 468 or +44 330 3330 230.

    If we do not have an up-to-date email or postal address for you, you may miss important communications from us, including information about registration and the start of your studies. This is particularly important to remember if, for example, you have applied using a school email address which you will no longer have access to after you have left school.

    All the universities you have applied to will be kept updated via UCAS of any changes you make on your UCAS application.

  • Changes to qualifications on your application

    If there are any changes to the qualifications that appear on your UCAS application, it is important that you tell the Admissions team. For example, you might be considering dropping an A level subject.

    We will advise you whether the change will affect your offer. In most cases, it will make no difference to the offer, but in some cases, it may mean that you are unable to meet our entry requirements, or may affect the condition of your offer.

    Even if the change will not affect your offer, it is useful for us to know of such changes anyway, so that there are not delays in the processing of your exam results when we receive them.

  • Exceptional or mitigating circumstances

    If you have experienced exceptional or mitigating circumstances during your studies that may have affected your performance, please ensure you or your school/college have contacted the exam board to make them aware as soon as possible, so that it can be taken in to account in your marks.

    If you have submitted your UCAS application but issues have occurred during your current studies and you would like this to be taken into account when your final results are released, please complete the Mitigating and Exceptional Circumstances Form and send this to before 1 July. You may prefer your school or college to send this on your behalf. We will contact you if we require further information or evidence.

  • Applicants who are under the age of 18 when they register

    The University has additional responsibilities to students who are under the age of 18 when they register. If you will be under 18 years old, we will contact you to request that you and your parent or guardian complete and return a consent form.

    Please see our Policy for the Admissions of Students Under the Age of 18 for further information.

  • Results and meeting the conditions of your offer

    If we have made you a conditional offer, we will need to know your results when they are available. You will need to meet the conditions of your offer by 31 August.

    Many results are sent to us directly by UCAS, including:

    • A levels
    • BTECs
    • International Baccalaureate
    • Access to HE
    • Scottish Highers

    For some qualifications, you will need to send your results directly to us at, including:

    • Most qualifications from a country other than the UK
    • Foundation years
    • A levels taken in previous years
    • English language qualifications

    UCAS provides a full list of the results that they will send directly to us. If your qualification is not listed here, you will need to send it to

    For more information on what to do when you have your results, please visit our Results page.

  • Student visa and issuing a CAS

    What do I need to do to get my CAS?

    If you are an international student, it is likely that you will need a student visa to come and study at Lancaster University. If this is the case, you may already be aware that you will need a “CAS” from Lancaster University (a “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies”).

    We will contact you with more information about the visa application process once you have Firmly accepted our offer, and your offer is Unconditional. However, in the meantime, here are some things you can do to help make sure you have plenty of time to apply for your visa. You can also find more information about visas on our visas and immigration web pages.

    Send us a copy of your passport

    This should be valid until at least 31st October and your details (full name, date of birth, nationality and country of birth) should match the details on your UCAS application. If any of the details are different, please contact UCAS to change them. Please send the copy of your passport to If you renew your passport at any time, please send us a new copy.

    Tell us about any previous study in the UK

    Before we issue a CAS, we need to know if you have previously studied in the UK, or if you are currently studying in the UK.

    If you have studied in the UK previously, or you are currently studying in the UK:

    Please send a copy of any Tier 4/student visas you have been issued. Please include any vignettes that are in your passport and any BRP cards (Biometric Residence Permit). If you have studied in the UK under a different visa, please let us know, and also provide us with a copy.

    If you have not studied in the UK previously:

    You can send us an email to confirm this, so that we do not ask you the question again before issuing your CAS.

    Let us know when you have met any of the conditions of your offer

    You may have an offer from us that is conditional on more than one qualification, for example, you may need to complete your high school studies and take an English language test. If you have met part of the condition, but not the whole condition, please send us any evidence that you already have.

    For example, if you have achieved the required English language score, but you are still waiting for your high school results, please send us your English certificate now, and your high school results later. You do not have to meet the whole condition at the same time; you can let us know that you have met part of it.

    You can send results by email to

  • English language and study skills programmes

    If you are an international applicant, you may need to provide evidence of your English language ability in order to study with us. This will be specified in your offer conditions on UCAS Track. For more information, please visit our English language requirements page.

    We also offer 10-week and 4-week English language pre-sessional courses and a Study Start induction course.

  • Arrival and registration

    If you accept an offer of a place with us, and you meet all the entry requirements, then you will have secured your place at Lancaster.

    We will send you all the information you need about arrival and registration ahead of the start of your studies, so that you have time to prepare for joining the Lancaster community.

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Contact the admissions team

If you need to contact us, then you can email our Undergraduate Admissions Office at or telephone us on +44 (0)1524 592028.