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Study Abroad

Continue your university adventure in another country. Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of Lancaster students who have studied abroad as part of their degree for a year or term. As well as experiencing another culture, you will grow in confidence, independence and add new skills to your CV.

Where can I go?

Consult this list to find out which overseas partners are available for students studying abroad in 2020/21 by subject area. This is a guide only as places at overseas partners varies each year.

Where can I go?


There are costs associated with studying abroad, consult this page to find out more.

Study Abroad Costs

How do I apply?

You apply through UCAS for degrees with Study Abroad in the title e.g. History (Study Abroad). If this is not available for your subject area, you apply when you start your degree. There are some degree schemes which do not allow a year or term abroad, such as BSc Mathematics and some combined degrees. The relevant department can confirm what is possible. There are limited options to study abroad for a term only; most students will study abroad for an academic year.

How to apply

Frequently asked questions


  • Q. Who can study abroad?

    A. Most Lancaster undergraduates have the opportunity to go abroad as part of their degree. However please check with your department as there are a few exceptions. Consult ‘How to apply'

  • Q. Will the modules I take abroad count towards my Lancaster degree?

    A. Yes. The grades you achieve at your host university will be translated back and count to your Lancaster degree.

  • Q. What do I study when I am abroad?

    A. The modules you take will match the Lancaster curriculum. You might have the opportunity to take modules that are not available at Lancaster. Your departmental study abroad advisor will help you develop an appropriate study plan.

  • Q. Where can I go?

    A. You will study at one of our approved University partners. Currently we have partners in USA, Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe.  Availability of places will vary each year and we do not guarantee a place at a particular institution. For a list of potential partners, please consult ‘where can I go’.

  • Q. When do I go?

    A. You will usually go abroad for a full year in your 2nd year if you are studying on a 3 year degree. Some 4 year degrees include a year abroad either as an extra year or as part of an integrated Masters degree. Please consult the relevant course page for more information.

  • Q. How much will it cost?

    A. For a full year abroad in the academic year 2020/21, you will pay 15% of your usual tuition fees to Lancaster University and none to your host university. For one semester abroad, you will continue to pay your full tuition fees to Lancaster. You will be responsible for all other costs including flights, insurance and living costs.

    These costs are approved yearly and subject to change, please consult the costs page for more information.

  • Q. Will I need a visa to study abroad?

    A. Depending on where you go, you may be required to get a student visa. You should check specific visa requirements on the country's Embassy/consulate website.

  • Q. What support is there to help me through the process?

    A. There is a dedicated Global Experiences team who will guide you through the process. We hold scheduled information sessions, social events, one-to-one appointments and run drop in sessions during term time. If you have any questions, please email us at

Vacation Travel

If you can’t study abroad as part of your degree, we have other opportunities which run during the vacation periods.

Vacation Travel

COVID-19 and Study Abroad - 20/21

Consult these FAQs for more information about the impact of COVID-19 and your 20/21 study abroad placement.

COVID-19 and Study Abroad - 19/20

Consult these FAQs for more information about the impact of COVID-19 and your 19/20 study abroad assessments.


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