Prihantoro Prihantoro

PhD student

Research Overview

Corpus Linguistics is my primary interest. This includes, but not limited to:

1) Corpus Bulding

At this present moment, i am collecting data from written Javanese and spoken Indonesian. In the past, I co-authored the ICNALE corpus (, a learner corpus. I was involved in the development of ICNALE Spoken version. The project leader is Dr. Shinichiro Ishikawa

2) Corpus Preprocessing

I am interested in building a large scale machine readable dictionaries and grammars, which can be used for linguistic annotation, especially to under-resourced languages. My Ph.D project deals with morphological annotation for Indonesian texts, under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Hardie. Previously in my MA Project, I developed a multilingual machine readable dictionary (Korean - Indonesian) and grammars, to recognise classifiers.

3) Corpus Based Analysis

My primary works adopt corpus methodology; this ranges from data collection, data processing with different corpus processing tools, designing queries using regular expression and grammars, up to reading concordance and corpus metadata.

The influence of students' L1 and spoken English in English writing : a corpus-based approach
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Bahasa di balik pembunuhan karakter: studi kasus rumor larangan hijab bagi pegawai BUMN
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