Dr Astrid Nordin


Research Overview

I am on leave for the academic year 2019-20, and will only respond to correspondence intermittently in this period.

I am Director of Lancaster University China Centre.

My research interests fall in the intersection of contemporary Chinese politics and international relations, broadly conceived, and critical theories of global politics. I am particularly interested in the contemporary deployment of concepts drawn from Chinese history, such as harmony (hexie), friendship (youyi), hegemony (baquan), or All-under-heaven (Tianxia). I have written on alternative conceptions of time, space and world order; relational theorising and the 'Chinese school' of IR; Chinese foreign policy; Chinese censorship and resistance throughout history; Chinese discourses of online resistance and wordplay; the policy concepts of 'harmonious world' (hexie shijie) and 'harmonious society' (hexie shehui); soft power; the politics of mega events; and the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Gender Transformations in Higher Education
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