Emma Williams

PhD student

Research Overview

My research interests are in exploring how we can better understand international negotiation through the prism of cultural grounding. My thesis focuses on diplomatic negotiations between China and America and analyses how the cultural grounding of Chinese and American diplomats may impact the negotiation process.

I am also interested in how differing cultures in emerging powers may change the international systems on the world stage, in particular, whether China may question the status quo of American led institutions.

Towards global relational theorizing: a dialogue between Sinophone and Anglophone scholarship on relationalism
Nordin, A., Smith, G.M., Bunskoek, R., Huang, C., Hwang, Y., Jackson, P.T., Kavalski, E., Ling, L.H.M., Martindale, L., Nakamura, M., Nexon, D., Premack, L., Qin, Y., Shih, C., Tyfield, D., Williams, E., Zalewski, M. 11/09/2019 In: Cambridge Review of International Affairs. 12 p.
Journal article