Gareth Bowden

PhD student

Research Overview

I am researching implementation gaps in development that have resulted from the reliance in development policy on the non-governmental sector. My case study for this research is the Donor-State-NGO (DOSTANGO) system in Uganda between 2000 and 2015.

Higher Education Outreach: Examining Key Challenges for Academics
Johnson, M., Danvers, E., Hinton-Smith, T., Atkinson, K., Bowden, G., Foster, J., Garner, K., Garrud, P., Greaves, S., Harris, P., Hejmadi, M., Hill, D., Hughes, G., Jackson, L., O’Sullivan, A., ÓTuama, S., Perez Brown, P., Philipson, P., Ravenscroft, S., Rhys, M., Ritchie, T., Talbot, J., Walker, D., Watson, J., Williams, M., Williams, S. 4/02/2019 In: British Journal of Educational Studies. 23 p.
Journal article

Association for Academic Outreach Evidence Submission to the UPP Foundation Civic University Commission 2018
Association for Academic Outreach, Talbot, J., Awesti, A., Bowden, G., Danvers, E., Foster, J.M., Hejmadi , M., Hinton-Smith , T., Lazarus, J., Melhuish , C., Moffat, L.R., O’Tuama, S., Walker, D., Watson, J., Williams, S., Harris, N. 31/07/2018
Other contribution