Dr Laura Premack

Lecturer in Global Religion and Politics

Research Overview

I work on religion, culture and politics in Africa and the Americas. My primary focus is global evangelicalism, particularly 20th and 21st century Pentecostal Christianity in Brazil and Nigeria.

While I am trained as an historian, my research interests are fundamentally interdisciplinary and have as much to do with the present as the past. They include faith and modernity; health and healing; the supernatural in politics; race; Spiritism; globalization; and global and comparative methodologies. I am currently writing a book on spiritual warfare and national identity in Brazil, Nigeria, and the United States, the three most evangelical countries in the world.

In addition to my role in PPR, I am also an associate director of Lancaster University's Institute for Social Futures.

I write for both scholarly and general publications, and am particularly interested in sharing my work with the broader public.

Bless Us With Children: Pregnancy, Prosperity, and Pragmatism in Nigeria’s Christ Apostolic Church
Premack, L. 1/04/2019 In: Spirit on the Move. Durham N.C. : Duke University Press p. 180-195. 16 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Donald Trump's evangelical supporters: The wrong kind of hope
Premack, L. 11/07/2018
Other contribution

Trump, Truth and Trust: The Narratives of History and the Future
Premack, L. 20/11/2017
Other contribution

Teaching Quilombismo: An Afro-Brazilian Political Philosophy
Premack, L. 2016
Other contribution

Trump and Cruz Battle for Evangelical Hearts: Spiritual Warfare on the Campaign Trail
Premack, L. 2016 In: Boston Review.
Journal article

Prophets, Evangelists and Missionaries: Trans-Atlantic Interactions in the Emergence of Nigerian Pentecostalism
Premack, L. 2/04/2015 In: Religion. 45, 2, p. 221-238. 18 p.
Journal article

Dead Man Talking: Brazil's Spiritists Redefine Religion
Premack, L. 2015 In: Boston Review. 40, 2
Journal article

One Nigeria Under God
Premack, L. 2015 In: Boston Review. 40, 4
Journal article

‘The Coca-Cola of Churches Arrives’: Nigeria’s Redeemed Christian Church of God in Brazil
Premack, L. 2014 In: The Public Face of African New Religious Movements in Diaspora. London : Ashgate
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

‘The Holy Rollers are Invading Our Territory’: Southern Baptist Missionaries and the Early Years of Pentecostalism in Brazil
Premack, L. 03/2011 In: Journal of Religious History. 35, 1, p. 1-23. 23 p.
Journal article