People Management Principles

The statement of principles below summarises Lancaster University's values relating to the management, development and support of our workforce.

The principles are supplemented and supported by more detailed internal guidance documentation.

As articulated within the University's People Strategy and supporting policies, Lancaster University aims to:

  • Attract and recruit the best staff nationally and internationally
  • Develop and support our staff to fulfil their potential and meet their career aspirations
  • Retain and reward our staff through recognising their contribution in the delivery of the University's priorities
  • Promote and secure excellent leadership and management, both in the present and for the future
  • Create and maintain a fair, open, progressive, collaborative and healthy working environment that embraces all staff and supports them in their personal as well as organisational goals
  • Promote and defend independent academic enquiry and freedom of thought
  • Expect the highest standards of all staff and support them to achieve this
  • Encourage staff to explore new opportunities and ways of working
  • Celebrate diversity and promote equality within our workforce recognising how all staff contribute to and enhance the overall success of the University
  • Actively support the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff and offer relevant interventions and services
  • Make our staff feel valued, involved and fulfilled in the work that they do
  • Engage with, hear from and listen to all staff as the University continues to develop and pursue its aspirations