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Imisi Adefala graduated in 2015 with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from Lancaster. Here Imisi shares his journey from securing funding to buy his first camera from the Lancaster University Students Union (LUSU) to managing shoots in cities such as London, New York and LA.

“I started my first business in year 3 at primary school where I charged students to play basketball with me. I have been attempting different business ideas ever since. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me and my business partners to create something really special, It's a platform that enables business owners to get lifestyle content from across the world with models at a fraction of the typical time and cost.

LUSU played a massive part in my story. Whilst I was at Lancaster I created a business to showcase different societies through video and due to this I had regular meetings with Joe Bourne from LUSU on how to make the business profitable. I also had to present a business proposal to LUSU to get funding for my first camera which they accepted. That whole process was invaluable because I learnt so many skills and they taught me so much which encouraged me to progress. My favourite memory was organising a zoom call with alumnus, Top Gear’s James May where we gave students the opportunity to ask him questions and for James to talk about his journey as a Lancaster student.

My first job after graduating was a start-up called Conversocial which specialised in social media customer service. On top of the invaluable experience it provided, it is also where I met my business partner Nathan Barker. Conversocial was a very tight knit group and because it was a start-up, I could easily see how different teams worked together for one common goal and that knowledge is essential to the development of my business. Moreover, through Conversocial I was exposed to a lot of travel. I represented the company in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Dubai and more. On those trips I realised that I wanted to create something with global implications.

I founded Inspiring Action Media in 2018. We are a young and experienced team that support businesses with videography, photography and digital marketing. Our clients include the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Brookes University, Premier Gospel Radio and more.

Whilst working with different start up brands we recognised a trend that they all had the same burden to keep posting on social media channels with quality fresh content but they also had a million other things to worry about and it was so expensive. 90% of online shoppers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale!

Myself and my business partners Nathan Barker and Dupe Adefala came together and worked out a new way of doing things to take that stress away, reduce costs and allow business owners to breathe easy again.

By using our platform Content Farm we enable business owners to order lifestyle content with models in cities like London, LA, and New York in minutes at competitive prices.

Our first Content Farm customer was Two Brooks Drinks which was founded by Lancaster Alumni Fabio and Francesca Bruni. Francesca was actually the first person I spoke to at Lancaster as we both studied PPE. We have kept in touch ever since. Content Farm has helped businesses like Two Brooks, Urban Savage, Flat Cap Drinks, Pelush, and Ashanti Curls to save time and money on producing lifestyle content from across the world and we hope to add many more to the list."

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