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The Defying Dementia Fundraising and Community shop on Church Street, Lancaster

Owner of the Defying Dementia Fundraising and Community shop Linda Warrington has been at the heart of Defying Dementia's community operations for a number of years. Linda's mum Sheila lived with Alzheimer's for over ten years and as her condition deteriorated Linda accessed the Bay Dementia Hub for support, here she met Defying Dementia founder Penny Foulds and Matron Dianne Smith who offered support, comfort and advice. Following the passing of her mother in December 2017 Linda vowed to give something back to those who supported her and to this day remains an active part of the Defying Dementia team.

She describes her experiences below...

By friends and family Sheila was described as always smiling, warm and friendly, kindhearted and gentle.

She was all of that and more! Mum “lived” with Alzheimer’s for over ten years. We had some happy times but also difficult, upsetting and stressful.

Dad was an intelligent engineer and had always looked at a problem then worked out a solution. There was no solution to Alzheimer’s and he never came to terms with that.

We all worked very hard to look after mum at home for as long as possible. Eventually she moved into Hillcroft in Slyne. Amazing, caring, home from home.

However, as mum’s condition deteriorated, I began to struggle. I accessed help from the Dementia Hub and met Dianne and Penny. They were my saviours! Always there for me offering comfort, help and advice. Sadly we lost mum on 14th December 2017  

I vowed at this stage that I wanted to give something back. Fundraising for Defying Dementia through craft fairs was a start but what about a fundraising shop? On 27th October 2018 my dream became a reality! With lots of help and support from my husband Neil, son Scott and shop manager Lucy as well as my inheritance from Sheila I was able to set up the Defying Dementia fundraising and community shop on Church Street in Lancaster. The shop has had a very successful first 15 months and has raised vital funds to support essential research as well as acting as a hub for the local community.

If a drug can be found which will prevent other families having the difficult ten years that we did I am sure this was the right thing to do... for Sheila.

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