Lancaster's student digital ambassadors

Meet our Digital Ambassadors!

These current Lancaster University students will be sharing their experiences of living and studying at Lancaster.

Look out for them on our website and social media channels to get an idea of what student life is really like.

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Hi! I'm Abbie, a third-year Film student from Grizedale. I've also taken media and cultural studies as a minor for all three years at uni. I'm into filmmaking, photography, graphic illustration and just about anything else creative! I hope to bring a lighter side of content to our channels and demonstrate the fun we have here at Lancaster!

When I'm not doing arty stuff I enjoy video games, spooky things, and Spider-Man comics! I'm also a really big fan of our Lancaster ducks. You can catch me in Sugar on a Friday night if there’s an especially cheesy music selection or in The Music Room in town during the daytime.

Keep up with me on Instagram @featherarrows


Hi, I'm Annabelle and I'm a third-year Grizedale student studying media and cultural studies. I've travelled from my home in Kent to experience the Northern charm of Lancaster, and currently, live off campus in a student house in the middle of the city.

I absolutely love my course and am especially interested in the way new media is shaping our relationships with ourselves, and others. I'm very passionate about social issues and am a proud intersectional feminist. You can hear more about my thoughts on current affairs and socio-political issues on my Bailrigg FM podcast Just Woke Up with Annie and Tom.

In my spare time, I love to keep fit and de-stress using the University's amazing sports facilities, playing tennis, swimming and (light) weight lifting. I'm also a huge foodie and am constantly experimenting with new, healthy, and sometimes even plant-based dishes with my housemates, our current favourite is sweet potato and butternut squash soup.

In my role of digital content ambassador, I want to share my experience as a Lancaster student through moving image and provide thoughtful advice to prospective students. You'll find me in the library studying hard for my final year, exploring my career opportunities and, spending my days off on adventures to areas outside of Lancaster.

Check out my Instagram @bellebrown and YouTube channel

Digital Ambassador Annabelle
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Hi, I’m Becky and I’m a second-year Psychology student here at Lancaster University! I’m a proud member of Grizedale college and originally took Media and Cultural Studies as a minor in my first year. I would have to say that my favourite topic in Psychology is Neuroscience, the study of the structure and functions of different brain areas, which I never expected to like as I struggled with Biology in high school. However, alongside this, mental health awareness is a great passion of mine and I someday hope to be working in clinical Psychology or teaching, whilst hopefully continuing to enjoy media-based hobbies on the side.

When I’m not studying, I can usually be found going to societies (including sign language, art, baking and ballroom dancing), in the cinema or hanging out with my friends (usually at Pizzetta or Sultans). You may also see me working behind the bar at the Sugarhouse in town, or maybe on the dance floor if it’s my night off. 

I have always been a creative person and love to make short films and videos, as well as draw, read and write. The content I produce will usually be in a video format and will aim to highlight what it is really like being a student at Lancaster University - following Lancaster’s day and nightlife and the wonderful people who go here.


Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am a second-year Biological sciences student (although in my first year I was originally studying Natural Sciences) in Pendle College.

I’ve been making videos on YouTube where I give advice and share my student experience with prospective students and I’m excited to expand this and get creative with the ways I can show what it’s like to study here. Outside of my studies, I am the secretary of a society called ‘People and Planet’ where we get involved with the local community and campaign on issues to do with the environment and human rights. I’m also a keen linguist and I’m self-teaching Spanish after studying it in the first year, as well as Turkish which is proving very difficult as it’s so different to English! I hope to be able to represent one of the many types of Lancaster students and what it’s like to study here!

You can subscribe to my channel here: and follow me on Instagram at @charlotte_mul

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Hi everyone. I’m Chelsey, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I am basically your average small island girl out in the great beyond. Currently, I’m in second year pursuing my BSc in Business Economics (Industry). It has been only one year since I’ve started living in the U.K. and Lancaster has already become my home. The University continues to provide us with quality education, opportunities for holistic development and an environment to meet amazing people from all over the world. I am excited to share my Lancaster experience with you as one of the Digital Content Ambassadors. Additionally, this year I am a Guide with LUMS Transition Guide Scheme helping three first-year international students as they get acquainted with life at Lancaster.

Over the past four years, my interest in photography, videography and content development peaked as I saw it necessary to capture every possible moment spent with family and friends. I also have experience in social media marketing as I have managed the social media pages for three organizations in my home country. Furthermore, I have volunteered with a non-profitable organization, National Youth Overcomers (T&T), as Media Personnel for the past two years. 

Outside of my studies, I simply enjoy spending time with family and friends. When I’m not trying to improve my skills at the Tennis Society, I’m either out having a laugh, thinking of new meal ideas, wondering why my College is so far (shout out to Lonsdale!) or counting back five hours to see what’s the time at home!

 Above all, #LoveGod #LovePeople is what I live by!

Stay connected with me on Instagram @chelsey_maria

  • See my Instagram story with Tom for Study UK and more of my content below


Hello, I'm a first year studying Economics at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS). I'm also doing a minor in Entrepreneurship this year. I was born and raised in Hyderabad, Pakistan but now I'm settled in the UK and reside in Hertfordshire. This year, I'm living on-campus in Furness College which I am a proud member of.

My reasons for picking Lancaster are infinite; the university offers a beautiful campus environment, top graduate prospects and amazing facilities to name a few. Ultimately, I wanted to come to an institution where I'd feel challenged and where opportunities were endless. On my applicant visit day, I found the students and staff to be super friendly which firmed my decision of coming here.

I'm an active member of societies such as Pakistani, Islamic, Film Production and Investment & Finance with the hope of exploring more. I like to keep busy by working part-time and taking on as many opportunities. I wish to use this platform to help potential students with the prospect of sharing my experiences through digital content. My interests are very broad and include; gaining insight into different careers, networking, filmmaking and exploring new places!

Connect with me on twitter at @yeahRaz or Instagram at @farazk98

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Hey guys! I’m a third-year Film and Sociology student and another proud Grizedalian. Born in Spain, raised in Poland and (according to everyone else) with a Canadian accent of obscure origin, one of my lifelong obsessions has been to tell stories – and joining Lancaster University has given me the opportunity to find and tell more of them than ever. I’ve made a few short films over the past few years, and I’m always doing some writing, photography, graphic design, animation or film editing on the side.

One of my favourite things about Lancaster is the extracurricular part of university life and how it allows you to go beyond your degree – maybe even beyond your career plans –, and that is one of the aspects of my time at Lancaster University that I’m the most excited to share. I’m interested in showcasing campus life and the everyday quirks of the student experience to people who might not get a hint of it before they join the university, so expect a good bit of street-level insight into societies and student life!  

Since my faraway days as a freshman I’ve been working with LU Film Production (LUFP), directing, writing and producing both short films and advertisements for companies and other student societies and putting together some amazing content over many cold shoot days and sleepless editing nights. These days you’re likely to find me in print with the SCAN Newspaper and on the radio with Bailrigg FM, and every so often somewhere around the world on my Instagram at @javiorella.


Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a second-year Environmental Science and Geography student currently studying abroad in Australia. This is my second year being a digital content ambassador.

In my first year, I was a member of the rowing team, this was an experience I would recommend to anyone! I am looking forward to being back in the rowing team during my third year. Being a member of any society is a great way to meet like-minded people and try something completely new! I competed in different rowing competitions across the UK and was also the social secretary for the club.

I love my course as it is flexible and adaptive. I can make a degree that suits me and will help me achieve my future goals. After completing a wide range of subjects in my first year, I realised that I was interested in environmental challenges and how these can relate to development factors across the world. I was then able to pick second-year units that suited me, combining environmental science, geography and aspects of anthropology into my degree.

I am currently studying in Sydney as part of a Lancaster global experience. During the year I will be going travelling and exploring Australia, and I will be sharing my study abroad experience to give a student's perspective on what it is like to be abroad, and how you can combine studying with travelling.

If you have any questions about Lancaster, global experiences or student life in general, then I am always happy to answer them! Find me on Instagram at @laurenthomaso and subscribe to my YouTube channel for travel vlogs and updates.

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I’m a third-year student at Lancaster studying English Language and Creative Writing and I reside in the one and only County College! Around Lancaster, you’ll find me in the library reading and writing stories, in the gym or in Bowland bar with a pie in front of me. I am a part of the Snowsports society and I love to dance, whether it be in the studio or Sugarhouse on a Friday night.

I work in Lonsdale bar too, so if you’re ever around pop in and say hi! I mainly produce written content such as helpful lists and articles to keep people in the know of the latest and greatest things about Lancaster. I also dip my toe into photo and video work now and then. If you want to see what I’m up to around Lancaster, give my Instagram a follow at @maddyfrost6.


Hey everyone, I'm Muni! I'm currently in my second-year studying Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology. I'm originally from the Caribbean (born and raised) and I've been into photography for the past five years. I started videography a few years ago as well. I'm Bowland College's (and LU Karate Society's) Publicity Officer so you'll always see me around doing Bowland related things.

I'm nearly almost always in the library at night (and into the early hours of the morning), or at home watching anime or movies. Apart from my love for media, I also enjoy Friday nights at Sugar with my friends (and the compulsory Maccies or Sultans afterwards) and experiencing new places and things first-hand. I hope to share all of this with you in the form of photos and videos so that you can see Lancaster University really is the place to be (I call it my home away from home).

Follow me on Instagram at @_muni.m and subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with me!

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Hi everyone! My name is Paula and I am in my fourth and final year studying Accounting and Finance in Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).

My home country is Latvia, thus from me, you can expect to see some content about the life of international students. Lancaster University has a truly diverse environment and many cultural events so there is something for everyone – for those who don’t want to lose their cultural identity or for those who like to try something new.

Also, I will be sharing my experience as a LUMS student. Not only LUMS provides great education, but also offers great variety of support for your studies and most importantly – career. I managed to get a placement with an impressive international company, mainly because of all the help and connections that LUMS has. The placement year is a very valuable addition to my degree and an experience that I will never forget.

In my free time I enjoy dancing, so I have tried a few of the dancing societies here in LU. I am also an exec in photography society which gives me a great opportunity to combine my hobby with developing some presentation and organising skills.

I joined the digital content ambassadors team to share my experience here in Lancaster mainly through photos, since photography is one of my hobbies. I also intend to develop graphic design skills to make my stories more interesting.

If you want to see what content I create in my free time, follow me on Instagram @paula.robezniece

I'm currently documenting my year at Lancaster in monthly photo galleries.



My name is Raiza and I am a third-year design student. I come from a state in south India called Kerala, but I was brought up in Dubai! It's quite hard to write 300 words about myself so I'm going to give you a chance to assess my personality. Try not to get lost in the middle! Here are things I love: watching movies, filmmaking, painting, Studio Ghibli, musical instruments, live music, Tom Misch and Ben Howard and all musicians, studying space, artists, good speakers, aesthetic interiors and good lighting (warm), people who talk about cool stuff, Remy the rat from Ratatouille, salmon sushi, cute but intelligent dogs, sunflowers, unripe mangoes, raspberries, cameras, Khaled Hosseini, black gel pens, shirts that are way too big for me, strangers that smile at you, long baths, watching people doing what they are most passionate about, erasers for some weird reason, the colour blue, mismatched socks, warm clothes, noodles and rice, lemonade and orange juice, home-videos, pretty books that I start writing in but never finish, new stationery, sunsets and sunrises but mostly sunsets that turn a certain shade of purple, pastel colours, dragonflies and butterflies, cooking with friends, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, sleeping, snow, when class gets cancelled due to heavy snow, listening to stories, making people happy, smell of new textbooks, the sun, dark curtains, good lyrics, getting paid, doing well enough in university to make my parents proud, my wonderful family, friends & teachers and this beautiful place I know called Lancaster!

If you made it till here. Thank you! I hope to give you the best content I possibly can.

Follow me on Instagram at @raizasalam and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see some of my other content.

head shot of digital ambassador Raiza
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Hi, I’m Roxor and I’m from Vietnam. I’m currently in my second year studying Entrepreneurship and Management. 

I’m a sports addict, literally. You will find me almost every day at the gym, but might be too early if you want to have a joint session with me. Elsewhere from the gym, I do swimming, kick-boxing, Muay Thai, football, basketball, hiking, running and diving is still in my bucket list. 

I also have a great passion for cinematography and photography. The content I have produced so far are mostly short film projects and Youtube videos, so you know I’m not weird when carrying a giant camera rig around the campus… I'm just doing my job... And my job is to capture the best moments at Lancaster University and share it with the community. Check out my Instagram at @roxorfreak


Hi, I'm Tom, a second-year County College student. I study Natural Sciences, with a focus on biology and conservation. The environment and the influence we have on it is one of the subject areas I'm most interested in. I love nature and the top of my bucket list is to visit the great barrier reef, like everyone else, I'm also partial to a good David Attenborough documentary.

Outside of my course, I enjoy volunteering at the university eco-hub with my friends where we help to look after the chickens. This year I also joined the Lancaster Fish i.e. the Ultimate Frisbee team, which is surprisingly more intense than it sounds.

I manage the LGBTQ+ society's campaigns, helping to represent students across the university and provide a source of education on community issues. I went to represent Lancaster students at an NUS conference, bringing your views to the forefront of NUS policy for the next academic year. I never pass on a trip to Canal Street and you can probably find me somewhere in The Sugarhouse on a Friday night.

I love drawing and taking photos, so the content I produce for the university is predominantly visual, the Instagram page or social media stories are where you’ll find my projects. My goal is to represent the University in a welcoming and inclusive light as well as showing how exciting the city of Lancaster can be. Find me on Instagram at @tom.e.scott

Digital Ambassador Tom Scott

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