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Meet our Digital Content Ambassadors!

Our 2019-20 Ambassador team

These current Lancaster University students will be sharing their experiences of living and studying at Lancaster.

Look out for them on our website and social media channels to get an idea of what student life is really like.

You can also view content produced by our previous year's ambassadors.

2018-19 Digital Ambassadors
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Digital Ambassador Alix


Hi everyone, I’m Alix! I am a third-year English Literature student and Lonsdalian. I love confusing people by being a bit of a miss worldwide – born and raised in Hong Kong, being half French, but having a southern (Winchester) accent.

As you can probably guess from my degree, I love writing and have been doing several blog posts over the years, as well as photography and video projects. I love doing anything creative, from digital art to story writing to acting. I’m also very passionate about social issues and the politics around them and am a proud intersectional feminist and animal/environment advocate. 

When I’m not doing coursework I can probably be found doing something arty, gaming, petting dogs, or eating (veggie) sushi – but you’ll be guaranteed to see me at the Sugarhouse every Friday.

As a digital content ambassador, my aim is to make people really feel at home in Lancaster. I mostly write blogs sharing my experience as an international student, and how to balance your time to enjoy both the academic and social aspects of student life. Keep in touch with me on Instagram at @alix_lnrd, or check out my work on my portfolio.


Hi, I’m Becky and I’m a third-year Psychology student here at Lancaster University! I’m a proud member of Grizedale college and originally took Media and Cultural Studies as a minor in my first year. I would have to say that my favourite topic in Psychology is Neuroscience, the study of the structure and functions of different brain areas, which I never expected to like as I struggled with Biology in high school. However, mental health awareness is a great passion of mine and I someday hope to be working in clinical Psychology or teaching, whilst hopefully continuing to enjoy media-based hobbies on the side.

When I’m not studying, I can usually be found at Psych Soc, volunteering at Animal Care in town, in the cinema or hanging out with my friends (usually at Pizzetta or Sultans). You may also see me working at Grizedale Bar on campus, or maybe on the dance floor if it’s my night off. 

I have always been a creative person and love to make short films and videos, as well as draw, read and write. The content I produce will usually be in a video or written format and will aim to highlight what it is really like being a student at Lancaster University - following Lancaster’s day and nightlife and the wonderful people who go here.

Student sitting on the grass at a festival
Digital Ambassador Becky


Hiya, I’m Becky and I’m a grad student studying Marketing! I’ve travelled from the very exotic city of Manchester to be here, Salford to be exact (not in Media City, sorry). My college membership might say Graduate, but don’t be fooled, I’m a true Furnessian at heart. I studied Literature and Creative Writing during my undergrad years, but Lancaster turned out to be a pretty hard place to leave, so I’m still here in the hopes of finding something creative to do with my life.

I like cats (a lot), and Friends, and I spend most of my free time at uni playing pool and darts, or waiting for the bus…or making a fool of myself. During my undergrad, I was Media and Communications officer for Furness JCR and that introduced me to all kinds of things, including a love for graphic design, video editing and professional social media, and I’m hoping to use these skills throughout the year as Digital Content Ambassador. I also want to share my experience of postgrad life with you guys, and go on one or two adventures.

You can find me on Instagram at becky_smith_97


Hi, I’m Caitlin. I’m a 4th Year Marketing Management student from Lonsdale College – We’re ‘Simply the Best’. I have just returned to Lancaster from an incredible placement year doing UK Creative Cloud Marketing at Adobe. As a LUMS student I’m excited to share my experiences not only in my studies but the amazing help I’ve had with employability and careers.

I am very partial to a quiz and have even represented Lonsdale on the quiz team in Founders. This year I have also joined the Lonnie Women’s Darts team, it’s never too late to try something new! You can usually find me around Lonsdale, the library or in Sugar dancing badly.

You may have previously seen my content on the Purple card or Students’ Union Farmers’ Market social pages, as I used to run them! I am predominantly into creating short-form video or other visual-based content so you will probably find most of my work on the Instagram page.

I love Lancaster (and bleed blue for Lonsdale) so I can’t wait to share my best moments and insights here in my final year!

You can find me on Instagram at @caitlinemery_

You can also watch my placement experience video.

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Digital Ambassador Catherine standing by some railings in front of the sea


Hi, I’m Catherine and I’m a first-year Theatre and English Literature student living in County college (the best college of course!)

I’m from Liverpool, and while I’ve only been at Lancaster for a few weeks it’s already become a home away from home as I’ve felt really welcomed and settled in quickly.

As you can probably guess by my degree choice I love performing, so I want to join one of Lancaster’s main dance societies, LUDanS, and audition for some of their competition teams. I also really enjoy writing which is partly why I wanted to become a Digital Content Ambassador, as I want to share my university experiences with you through written content as well as through Instagram.

Being a first-year, I can still clearly remember the questions and concerns that I had before starting university, so I’m hoping to address these for anyone thinking of attending Lancaster! I am also a visually impaired student, so I want to shed some light on how starting university has impacted this aspect of my life as I feel there could be more information out there. Lancaster has proven to be really inclusive and helpful, and it might be interesting for some of you to learn about how the university has aided me throughout my application and now that I am here!

You can find me on Instagram @catherinebrabin and check out my articles below!


Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am a third-year Biological sciences student in Pendle College.

I’ve been making videos on YouTube where I give advice and share my student experience with prospective students and I’ve also been a part of Instagram takeovers as well as producing videos with other students and answering queries on The Student Room. I recently applied to medical school (and I’m documenting the whole journey), so I get involved with volunteering at the local hospital as well as with isolated elderly people in the community.

I’m a keen linguist and I’m self-teaching Spanish after studying it in the first year, and I attend Latin American Society to practice my Spanish with native speakers of the language which really tests my speaking skills. I recently took up running and I enjoy trying to beat my previous distances at Williamson Park. I’m originally from London and hadn’t heard of Lancaster until late in the application process so I’m keen to share what it’s like here to anyone who may not have heard of it before!

You can subscribe to my channel here: and follow me on Instagram at @charlotte_mul

Digital Ambassador Charlotte standing by a lake
A female student sitting on a fence


Hi everyone. I’m Chelsey, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I am basically your average small island girl out in the great beyond. I’m a third-year Business Economics (BSc.) student, currently on placement at Network Rail. I’m based in Manchester Piccadilly station in the Operations Team working on various projects. Though I’m away from Lancaster for one year, the University continues to provide me with tremendous support and opportunities for holistic development. I am excited to share my Lancaster experience and placement journey with you as one of the Digital Content Ambassadors.

Over the past four years, my interest in photography, videography and content development peaked as I saw it necessary to capture every possible moment spent with family and friends. I also have experience in social media marketing as I have managed the social media pages for three organizations in my home country. Furthermore, I have volunteered with a non-profitable organization, National Youth Overcomers (T&T), as Media Personnel for the past two years. 

Outside of my studies, I simply enjoy spending time with family and friends. When I’m not trying to improve my skills at the Tennis Society, I’m either out having a laugh, thinking of new meal ideas, or counting back five hours to see what’s the time at home!

Above all, #LoveGod #LovePeople is what I live by!

Stay connected with me on Instagram @chelsey_maria

  • See my Instagram story with Tom for Study UK and more of my content below


Hi! I’m Chris and I’m a 4th-year student currently studying Marketing and Advertising Management. I’m into all things creative: graphic design, videography or even playing guitar. Outside of my course, I’m a member of Fylde College and you may see me as part of the university's Rugby League team.

I enjoy coming up with engaging ideas to improve the way people communicate, creating a reaction and a positive response. I recently spent a year in industry working at Oracle within their marketing and communications team, where I developed an interest in producing film working alongside a professional studio team.

As part of the Digital Ambassador team, I am looking to continue to produce content that will aim to share some of Lancaster’s stories, exploring areas of student life and the local area.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about Lancaster, marketing or taking an industry placement!

Head and shoulder picture of Digital Ambassador Chris standing in front of some open water
Headshot of a female student wearing a yellow hoodie looking away from the camera


Hi there! I’m Ditte (or DJ, whatever works for you) and I’m a first-year Cartmel College student. I’m studying English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice with Psychology as my minor. I grew up in Denmark but moved to London two years ago and struggled to leave the UK, so I’m still hanging on to the hope of blending in with the Brits!

When I’m not studying, you will probably find me watching Buzzfeed Unsolved on YouTube or drinking far too much coffee at Costa, or, likely, doing both at the same time. I am also a part of the University’s Photography Society and a few of the sports teams scattered around campus, although mostly for the socials on Wednesdays because I am really not that talented when it comes to any other exercise than walking.

I thoroughly enjoy everything that challenges the more creative side of things – from producing videos and short films to writing stories and dabbling in graphic design. As a Digital Content Ambassador, you will most likely find my projects to be a part of the official YouTube channel or on Instagram where I will be sharing my story as an EU student and explore the life as a part of the university.

You are always more than welcome to say hi if you see me around campus – I am always up for a cup of coffee; or, you can find me on Instagram @dittebirkkjaer where you can conveniently also say hi!


Hello! My name is Jamie and I am a first-year Law student (and Rep) in Lonsdale college. I enjoy learning and self-improvement and I’m always trying to push myself in whatever I do. I have always loved creating things whether it’s taking photos or making videos. I love new experiences and travelling is something I can’t get enough of. As well as keeping up with the news and current affairs. Although you’ll probably find me indulging in my food hobby, or more specifically, my eating problem.

I’m from a small town in the south called Ascot, famous for its horse racing and unfortunately now for a show called “Absolutely Ascot” which I recommend no one ever watch. There, I like to take trips with my friends into London to take cool photos and buy clothes.

I love getting involved in some way as I enjoy sharing my own personal experiences of what I’m up to and I am thankful that being a Digital Content Ambassador allows me to do just that. I would love to be able to make an impact and help prospective students make their choice on why they should come here to study. The content I will be producing will most likely be videos for the channel – so make sure you subscribe in order to see my stuff.

If you want to see what I am up to I encourage you to follow me on Instagram @jamieehunt

You can also watch my video: My Clearing experience

Head and shoulders picture of Digital Ambassador Jamie
Head and shoulders picture of Digital Ambassador Joe looking out of a window


Hello! I’m a History student in my third year at Lancaster. Through my degree, I have had the chance to learn about the history of photography and film, and having photography feature in my dissertation is the perfect excuse to hoard the photography books available in the library.

When I’m not watching propaganda films for my special subject, I can usually be found taking part in bar sports for Pendle College or watching Marco Pierre White videos on YouTube (even if he is from Yorkshire). I have also dabbled in DJing for Bailrigg FM, and it was through the student radio that I met the people who introduced me to the possibility of becoming a Digital Ambassador.

My aim as a Digital Ambassador is to promote the City of Lancaster, whether that be the scenic landscape, the beautiful buildings, or the people who make Lancaster such a great place to live. I have recently got into the fairly expensive hobby of film photography, so hopefully, that will pay off with some cracking medium format shots of the local area.

If you see me out and about with my camera, give us a wave and you might end up on the University Instagram. If you don’t end up on there, you might still make it onto mine, which is @joehabarnes if you ever fancy checking me out.

Go well!


Hi, I’m Maria and I am a first-year English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice Student. As you can guess, I love reading and writing, but I also love music, dance and drama. I try not to annoy my flat mates when playing the oboe and singing, and I’m looking forward to getting involved with musicals and performances at Lancaster.

I’m from Hertfordshire, near London, and I’m not used to the cold of Lancaster – but I’m sure I’ll get used to it! I love travelling – Interrailing over the summer has inspired me to explore more of the world. As a first-year student, I want to share and record my experiences of university as they happen to me and answer all the questions I had before coming here. I chose Lancaster because I fell in love with the campus the minute I saw it, and knew that my course would challenge me and help me improve as a writer.

Around Lancaster, you’ll find me in the library, drinking lots of tea, and going to the gym. I love getting up early and seeing the campus in the morning, watching the sun rise over the hills. I belong to Cartmel College, and though people say that it may be a long walk, there’s nothing better than going ‘home’ at the end of the day! I mainly produce written articles, but I like photography also. You can visit my website to read my travel blogs, or follow my Instagram @mariaecx_photography.

A female student with a backdrop of a harbour and houses
Head and shoulders picture of a female student looking up at the camera


Hi! I’m Marie-Louise (or ML, as my friends call me) from Lonsdale College. I’m currently a 3rd year major in Media and Cultural Studies, but I’ve also attended some advertising and marketing-related courses in the past. Originally from Greece, I decided to come to Lancaster to pursue my passion for digital media and video making. So far, I believe my major has provided me with quite a plethora of media and sociology-based knowledge, however, I’m particularly excited for 3rd year since I’ve chosen more modules focusing on journalism and filmmaking. These tie in perfectly to the kind of content I want to create as a Digital Content Ambassador, which will mostly focus on vlogging, writing and Instagram takeovers.

As for my interests, I really enjoy writing, dancing and watching videos on YouTube. I listen to a lot of music as well, especially R&B, indie-pop and K-Pop (yes, you read correctly). Since I’ve always been a creative person, I appreciate art in all its forms, whether it’s a painting, a poem, or even a beautifully edited video. In the same way, I hope that people will appreciate my content, maybe even sympathise with it, especially the students living similar experiences as myself.

If you want, stay connected with me on Instagram @lxuises


Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m going into my final year of BA Fine Art, and am part of Cartmel. I spent the last two years surfing and exploring Victoria, Australia, - first year on study abroad, and second as work experience. (I worked several jobs, most relevant at a gallery and most odd was tutoring the 14th Count of Prague in acrylic painting. I have no idea why he lives in Melbourne either). I’m interested to see how Lancaster has changed since my first year here and rediscover all the charm of this Northern town!

I’m passionate about contemporary art, film and the outdoors, especially the ocean. This year I’ve joined the Canoe club, Mountaineering club and the Scuba club - I’m new to the first two, and hope to advance my qualifications for the latter.

This year I plan to produce short films/videos and photographs showing off the beauty of the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and the cobbled streets of our quaint city!

Head to if you want to see what work I’ve made, and view some of my content below:

A female student with a camera, standing by a stream looking at the camera
Head and shoulders picture of a female student looking at the camera


Hi, I’m Sophie and this is my fourth year at Lancaster! I studied English Literature with Creative Writing for my undergraduate degree, now I’m onto a Social Research MA. I’m Bowland ‘til I die but still a proud member of Grad College.

I love that Lancaster has enabled me to meet so many different people, as well as all the work opportunities I have undertaken. Previously, I was an Assistant Editor for Cake Magazine, interested in showcasing the literary community. Now I have moved on to working on Project WriteLine as a social media initiative. In my spare time I read, write, graphic design, spend time with friends and teach myself (or forget) Tagalog.

I am interested in producing content about campus life through Instagram and videos to ultimately showcase its inclusivity and endless possibilities. You’ll likely find me at Costa, events, the gym or in the library.



Hi everyone! I’m Tai, or as many call me TaiTai- because you know, you can’t get much shorter than T-A-I.

I’m from Bowland College and I’m a 2nd-year Design student from the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean. I love photography and in my spare time, I love to explore and capture the hidden gems in Lancaster. As an international student, none of this experience is taken for granted and I hope to share all beautiful places I’ve found and adventures I’ve had through my photos and videos so that you know what makes Lancaster University the perfect place to find yourself and grow.

When I’m not at my student accommodation aka the library (shh don’t tell) I’m somewhere about campus moving around. I love to dance and I am the publicity officer for Lancaster University Hip Hop and Breakdance Society. In my first year, I was a part of both the Hip Hop Society and LUDanS society which allowed me to travel all over the UK competing and meeting new people.

I’m just an easy-going, warm, Caribbean guy, so feel free to stop and chat if you see me on campus, unless you see me running, then you know I’m late.

See more of my photography on Instagram @king.taitai and follow me for the BTS of Uni life!

You can also see my 2018-2019 prize-winning autumn stunner on the University’s Instagram page.

A male student with a camera, sitting at a table looking at the camera
Digital Ambassador Tom Scott


Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a third-year County College student. I study Natural Sciences, with a focus on ecology and conservation. The environment and the influence we have on it is one of the subject areas I’m most interested in. I love nature and the top of my bucket list is to visit the great barrier reef (before it completely dies), and like everyone else, I’m partial to a good David Attenborough documentary.

Outside of my course, I play in the University’s Ultimate Frisbee club ‘The Fish’, which is surprisingly more intense than you would expect. I’m also the team’s general secretary, which involves keeping on top of kit orders and designing new merch. 

In first-year, I managed the LGBTQ+ society’s campaigns, helping to represent students across the university and provide a source of education on community issues. I went to represent Lancaster students at an NUS conference, bringing student views to the forefront of NUS policy for the next academic year.

I love drawing and taking photos, so the content I produce for the university is predominantly visual, the Instagram page or social media stories are where you’ll be able to find most of my projects. Although, I’m hoping to teach myself some video making skills this year as well, so maybe I’ll be on YouTube too!

This is my third year as an ambassador, and my goal is still the same, to represent the university in a welcoming and inclusive light as well as showing all of the opportunities available to students here.

  • See my Instagram story with Chelsey for Study UK


Hi there! I’m Zahra and I’m a third-year undergraduate student studying English Literature, Creative Writing, and Practice. Though I started out my first two years as a Lonsdalian, I now live in an on-campus studio provided by Pendle College, so I guess you can say I’m part Lonsdalian, part Pendle. From whatever college, however, I will always find pleasure in working with new space to make it as homely as can be.

As someone passionate about the creative arts, I draw on my unique life experiences and that of others to craft stories in whatever best way to tell them – expanding my powers of creative expression beyond just writing. I am particularly fascinated with the English and French literature, modern arts, and contemporary music. It is because of this passion of mine I travel the world searching for inspiration, growth, and knowledge: to approach every new opportunity with a backpack full of everywhere else that I have been.

When I do have time to spare, I visit art exhibitions, watch movies at Vue, eat at Nami Sushi, and work as a publicity officer for societies. I was one for the Equestrian Club in my first year and am one for the Indonesian Society since the second year.

As Digital Content Ambassador, I would like to share with you my journey in finding a home in this place we call Lancaster - a very big difference from the city where I came from, Jakarta. Keep up with my adventures on Instagram @zahramochdie and YouTube channel. See you around!

A female student wearing a beanie hat and white coat standing at the water's edge looking to camera.

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