Campus in the city

Day One: Thursday 11 April 2024

A brass band play in the street
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When and where is it?

Thursday 11 April 2024, 10am - 4pm

More Music,

13 - 17 Devonshire Road,



Programme of activities

The opening day of our 3 day festival will see local band Baybeat performing at 10am and 1pm. All the activities that take place today are drop in activities so there's no need to book, just turn up!

Further details on the activities, included recommended ages, can be found below.

Open Access Escape Room

Try and solve tricky puzzles against the clock while learning about what open access is! Suitable for all ages.

An “escape room in a box”, with different types of puzzles and a gamemaster to give some clues if you get stuck! Open Access benefits the general public as well as academics as it allows free and open distribution of research, and by gamifying this concept, we hope to spread this knowledge to a wider audience! Lancaster University library has lots of Open Access resources available to all! Suitable for all ages.

Open Access Escape Room: A key with a open padlock.
Suitable for all ages.

A journey through psychology

Off we go on a journey through the fascinating world of psychology! Explore everything from human development, learning and memory, to moral decision making and anti-social behaviour.

Off we go on a captivating journey through the fascinating world of psychology! Come along for an enriching experience suitable for the whole family. Explore hands-on demonstrations and interactive displays across three key themes:

Day 1, 2 and 3 Developmental PsychologyExplore the intriguing world of human development, from before birth through adolescence. Learn more about the work here at Lancaster University Babylab and uncover the intricate journey of growth and change. Discover how sensory experiences before birth shape our abilities and preferences after birth, from what we hear, see, taste, and feel in the womb. Experience interactive demonstrations on how children learn language. Explore the complexities of understanding sex role/gender stereotypes and the interplay between appearance and reality.

Day 2: Understanding human behaviourImmerse yourself in the psychology of pro-social and anti-social behaviour, moral decision-making, and the dynamics of security and trust. Unveil personalities through writing exercises and explore the concept of bystander behaviour. Examine the dynamics between the police and the public using real police body-worn camera footage.

Day 3: Neuroscience across the lifespanUncover the mysteries of how humans understand and process the world. Delve into the mesmerizing world of brain activity measurement, test your balance, and explore your cognitive skills with insightful tests. Witness firsthand how our minds can control robotic claws. Explore the amazing world of hearing and listening, which influences us throughout our lives. Discover how well you hear, understand how ears work together, and experience music with a cochlear implant.

Three children using VR headsets.
Drop in activity. Suitable for all ages.

Your microbes and you

Discover how our gut bacteria are important for our health and what you can do to take care of them. Suitable for all ages

Have you heard about the importance of your gut microbes? Do you wonder why we haven’t heard about these before? There are trillions of good microbes that live within us that help us digest food, make vitamins, and make us feel happy!

If you want to learn how to look after your ‘good’ bacteria, come and try our ‘hands-on’ experience, learning which foods feed ‘good’ or ‘bad’ bacteria. Participants can ‘sort’ foods into good or bad ‘bacteria boxes’ – with each correct answer they reveal a benefit that our microbes provide for us!

an AI image of some microbes
Drop in activity, 10 - 1pm

All about DNA

Can YOU extract DNA from a strawberry? Ever wondered about the ethics of DNA editing? Come and learn “all about DNA” with a hands-on, fruit squishing experiment and an interactive display on gene editing. Suitable for all ages

How do you extract DNA from a strawberry you ask? Well here's your chance to find out and have a go at a mini, hands-on experiment! Discover how DNA is in every living thing and why it is importtant for health, medicine and wildlife conservation.

Explore our "Ethical washing line" in relation to genetic modification. Learn about a key method that can be used to alter DNA and consider when this technique could, in theory, be used.

This activity also takes place on Day One of CITC.

a pile of strawberries
Drop in activity, 1pm - 4pm

Exploring seaside memories with Lancaster University's Library

Explore Lancaster University's Library archives and the stories they tell about our region. Find out how you can become a library member and participate in an exciting new community research project. Suitable for all ages

Our Library, collections and archives are open for everyone to use. This event will introduce you to our collections and archives; there really is something for everyone. You can register for our free community card; be inspired by our archive collections to create your own Edwardian postcard; or get involved in our new project with Mirador Arts to capture the history of the boom in youth culture which followed the introduction of the Jukebox to northwest seaside towns in the 1950s. This event is open to people of all ages but there will be specific activities aimed at people aged 75 and over and their families.

a postcard of a beach scene
Suitable for all ages but with specific activities aimed at those 75+

Get moving: What makes things move and how can you store it?

Experiment with what makes things move and discover ways it can be stored. Drop-in workshop suitable for 7+ with adult supervision.

During this session, you will be solving an engineering challenge, and experimenting with stored energy. All resources and picture-based instructions will be provided to create your very own rolling model. Can you put in just enough stored energy to move your roller into the target zone? See what solutions Lancaster University’s engineers are creating for the future of stored energy.

a selection of everyday objects that could be used to make a small vehicle
Drop in workshop suitable for ages 7+ (with adult supervision)

Linguistics in the city

A tremendous tour of language and its wonders featuring games, displays and demonstrations. From historical Lancashire to the digital world, from the depths of the mind to the tip of your tongue! Suitable for all ages.

The influence of language is all around us: from the way we speak and hear, to how we think and interact with other people (and even machines). Linguistics and English Language is celebrating 50 years in Lancaster and invites you to come on a linguistic journey with us through games, displays and demonstrations. You can see how your own tongue moves when you speak, and enjoy a multimedia experience of how accents and dialects have changed over the years in Lancashire. Put your mind-reading skills to the test, and challenge yourself to see if you can tell a voice you hear is human or machine!

a small boy in front of shelves claps his hands at a lady holding a toy in the foreground
Drop in activity for all ages

Connectivity is everything: Ruskin VR and ConnectLU App

Explore the past, collaborate for the future. A virtual reality journey through time bringing The Ruskin Museum and Research Centre to life. Then dive into the future of collaborative workspaces with our ConnectLU App!

Embark on a journey through time with our Ruskin VR experiences, immersing yourself in the fascinating mind of John Ruskin. Perfect for all ages and interests, discover the legacy of John Ruskin and his profound connections with nature and the arts. If the past is not for you, that’s not all we’ve got! Dive into the future of collaborative workspaces with our ‘ConnectLU’ App. This collocation app redefines collaboration by offering shared spaces and desks for innovative projects and partnerships. So don’t miss out! Join us at our showcase to uncover the past, shape the future, and witness the power of connectivity in action.

some students try out VR headsets
Drop in activity. Suitable for all ages.


Baybeat Streetband will be performing outside More Music at 10am and 1pm – come down and enjoy the beats with Morecambe’s legendary community carnival band!

a band play brass instruments in the street
Performing at 10am and 1pm