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Friday 9 November 2018, 1:45pm to 2:45pm


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Heavy Flavour Physics with ATLAS

This seminar reviews in detail two of the b-physics analyses Lancaster has has a significant contribution too in recent years.

The first is a precision measurement of the CP-violating phase $phi_{\text{s}}$ in the decay $B^{0}_{\text{s}} \to J/\psi \phi$. A flagstone measurement of the HEP communities b-physics programme, used to both constrain the CKM matrix parameters and as a search for newphysics. The ATLAS results is consistent with the SM prediction, and no evidence of BSM physics is found.

The second is a search for a resonant structure in the $B^{0}_{\text{s}} \pi^{\pm}$ mass spectrum, as reported by D0. No evidence of such astructure is found in ATLAS Run1 data, a result inline with searches by LHCb, CMS, and CFD.


Andrew Wharton Physics, Lancaster University

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Name Dr Daniel Muenstermann


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