Legal and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence in the financial sector - Alison Lui (Liverpool John Moores University)

Wednesday 4 March 2020, 1:00pm to 2:00pm



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Postgraduates, Public, Staff


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Dr Alison Lui from Liverpool John Moores University will present a seminar to the Management Science Department.

Abstract: Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly popular in the financial industry due to its ability to provide customers with cheap, efficient and personalised services. Yet, there are a number of challenges arising from the use of AI which could undermine trust and confidence amongst consumers. Such challenges include transparency; accountability;privacy; security; bias and discrimination. This seminar features the issues of bias and discrimination in banking. There is evidence that algorithms discriminate against certain races and gender. Legislative gaps in the Equality Act 2010 and the General Data Protection Regime will be analysed. This research seminar will first discuss AI in general, then examine machine learning and algorithms in the financial sector. We will consider the issues of bias and discrimination in the context of robo-advisors, chatbots and AI surveillance systems.

Biography: Dr Alison Lui is a Reader in Corporate and Financial Law. She is the Associate Dean Global Engagement for the Faculty of Business and Law. Alison obtained her LL.B (European Legal Studies) from the University of Bristol. She holds a LL.M (Corporate and Commercial Law) at the London School of Economics and a doctorate degree from the University of Liverpool. Alison qualified as a Solicitor and practised commercial law before joining LJMU. She teaches a number of business related modules on the LL.B,LL.M and LPC programmes. She is the LL.B (Sandwich Year) Placement tutor.Alison supervises students on the LL.B, LL.M and PhD levels. She has externally examined PhD theses.

Alison is a Max Planck Fellow; Inner Temple Academic Fellow; Churchill Fellow; LJMU Early Career Fellow and has won several LJMU research grants. She has published a monograph with Routledge, various book chapters and many peer reviewed articles in top journals such as the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly,Information and Communications Technology Law, Journal of Banking Regulation and Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance. In particular, hermonograph is listed as one of the best Banking Law books and one of the best-selling Banking Law books of all time:

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