Nuclear Fusion - Future or fiction

Wednesday 14 November 2018, 12:00pm to 12:20pm


C Floor, Engineering Building, Lancaster - View Map

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Alumni, Applicants, Postgraduates, Prospective Students, Staff


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Nuclear fusion has been long heralded as the future of energy production and it seems the benefits are boundless. But will nuclear fusion ever live up to its hype as the ultimate limitless, clean energy source?

The magnetic confinement fusion community has been working hard to fulfil its potential, with a multi-scale approach being taken globally- already there are incredible claims of building the 'world's most complex machine' and generating the 'hottest place in the solar system'. This talk will assess progress of the radically different reactor designs at the European flagship experiment ITER and Tokamak Energy in Oxford. Finally, we will talk about the current research taking place at Lancaster University that tackles one of the three 'greatest obstacles' to getting fusion power on the grid.

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Name Dr Samuel Murphy

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+44 1524 592671