Underpass Improvements Completed

Image of the extended underpass pathway

Works were undertaken this summer to improve safety in the Underpass following an surge in bus users in the previous term. Contractor's took advantage of the University down time to extend the waiting area in to the previous bus parking zone, significantly increasing capacity, enabling up to seven buses to use the underpass simultaneously. The project aimed to help meet the increasing demand for bus travel following feedback from a recent travel survey and susbequent campaigns to promote bus use as a more sustainable method of travel for staff. 

The number of buses has also increased with over 30 departures an hour at peak times. In order to increase this capacity and allow for extra buses to stop in the underpass, the University made the decision to restrict the underpass road to bus use only between 8am and 8pm daily, meaning traffic is now prohibited from the underpass in order to keep the road safe. Legally enforceable signage is now in place.

For more information on the Univeristy's Travel Plan and policies visit lancaster.ac.uk/sustainability

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