Plans to build second Engineering building get the go-ahead

Architects Impression of the new Engineering Building © Hawkins Brown Architects
Architects Impression of the new Engineering Building

Lancaster University has received planning permission to construct a new three-storey Engineering building, with work set to begin in Spring 2020.

Plans for the new 2,700-sq-metre space include a new lecture theatre fitted with the latest 3D technology enabling the University’s students and researchers to visualise complex models in a 3D artificial environment.

Each floor adds approximately four and a half tennis courts of space that will accommodate top-class facilities including specialist labs for teaching and research, flexible working space for guest researchers, and a new development space to support start-up projects and businesses. The building will also accommodate a new laboratories for Computing Design and Electronic Teaching; emphasising the importance of technology in modern day engineering.

The building, which is due to open in August 2021, will also feature additional engineering rooms and break out space.

Patrick Drewello, Architect for Hawkins Brown said: “We are pleased to be working with the University to achieve a design that embodies the Departments’ community feel and strengthens their reputation for General Engineering by bringing together engineering and disciplines in a new cutting-edge facility, also integrated with the existing Engineering estate and campus.”

Plans for the new building have been developed collaboratively over a 12-month consultation with the Estates Development Team, the Department and the Faculty of Science and Technology, to come up with a future-proof design concept that allows for growth of the department.

Paul Morris, Director of Capital Development & Estates Operations at Lancaster University said: “The investment in the new facilities emphasises the University’s commitment to growth as a leading, forward thinking University with the infrastructure to attract staff and students.”

The building that currently houses the University’s Engineering department was constructed in 2015. Its development contributed to growth in student numbers, leading to plans to add a second phase new building.

Claudio Paoloni, Head of Engineering Department said: “It is an exciting time for Engineering. The new building will be an outstanding environment that will inspire our students to excellence with an advanced learning experience, and will foster new cutting edge research with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment”.

The new construction will be located next to the existing Engineering building and will feature a brick façade inspired by Lancashire’s local industry and viaducts.

Additionally, its distinctive arches and frame draw inspiration from the Crystal Palace, built in Hyde Park in the 19th century to house the Great Exhibition. The aim of the new engineering building is to offer a modern showcase of the latest in engineering.

The next phase of the project is to appoint a contractor to undertake the building works. It is expected that the tender will be awarded in March this year with construction starting on Bailrigg Campus the following month.

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