About The Ceremony

Getting ready for the start of your ceremony starts one hour before when you line up in processional order. 

One hour before:

Lining up- Graduands must report to your lining up venue in the Great Hall (Nuffield Theatre or Minor Hall). You must leave any personal items such as handbags with your guests.

Details of your lining up venue will be included in the leaflet with your tickets.

It is important that you get to your lining up venue on time. During 'lining up' you will be:

  • Briefed on how the ceremony will run
  • Briefed on what you will need to do and when
  • Put into processional order
  • Given your name card (from which your name will be read on stage)
  • Process with your fellow graduands from your lining up venue into the Great Hall where your guests will already be seated.

Your guests- The Great Hall will be opened and your guests should arrive to be ushered to their seats. All guest tickets have an allocated seat number.

30 minutes before:

  • The Master of Ceremonies will make a number of important announcements to the guests including what they will need to know and do during the ceremony.

20 minutes before:

  • All guests will be in their seats to observe the graduands procession which will enter the hall.

The Ceremony:

The academic procession enters the hall to brass fanfares and the ceremony is formally opened by the presiding officer.

At the appropriate signal from the ceremony marshals, graduands will stand to be formally presented to their degree. The marshals will guide the graduands onto the stage in a continuous procession where they will hand the presenter their name card from which their name will be read out. The presenter will read the name and the graduand will cross the stage. They will be congratulated and will shake hands with the presiding officer. Graduands will then continue across the stage to exit and go back to their seat. Once all graduands in the conferal group have been presented, they will all stand, their degree will be formally confered and applause will follow.

During the ceremony, graduands and guests should follow the directions of the ceremony marshals who will guide you through what you should be doing and when.

In most ceremonies, an Honorary Degree or Alumni Award will be awarded:

  • Honorary Degrees- Lancaster University has been awarding Honorary Degrees since it was founded in 1964. They are awarded to people with a recognised international standing in their field, and to those who have given special service in connection with the University or its regions.
  • Alumni Awards- Every year, Lancaster University presents these awards to outstanding alumni. Te recipients will have made a substantial contibution to their field since graduatin at Lancaster; have developed an outstanding international or national reputation; be inspiring to graduating students and guests.

Each ceremony lasts around one hour.