News from 2013

  • Was Storm Desmond really that extreme?

    Trying to answer this question wins Environmental Science student Duncan Chapman a hydrology prize, and starts him on a new career.

  • Photosynthesis breakthrough

    Researchers have increased plant productivity by boosting levels of three proteins involved in photosynthesis, offering hope for improving food crops

  • Complete University guide

    Intellectually stimulating courses

    Students show strong satisfaction with our courses in the 2017 National Student Survey, praising the intellectually stimulating content of their course

  • To Mongolia and back

    Prizewinning Lancaster student celebrates his graduation by tackling the Mongol Rally, a  20,000 mile journey through 21 countries

  • From clearing to prizewinner

    Working hard, following his passion and taking risks helped Geography graduate Euan Crispin win a top prize after clearing brought him to Lancaster.

  • Armyworm biopesticide moves closer

    Researchers win funding to push forward the production of a cheap, effective and locally-produced biopesticide to combat one of Africa’s major crop pests

  • Climate change and nutrient run-off

    Dramatic changes will be needed in agricultural practices to offset increases in phosphorus losses due to climate change, researchers warn in a new study. 

  • Cities threaten rainforest wildlife

    Urban food demand in the Amazon could be hitting wildlife up to 1,000 km away from the city, according to new research

  • Studying butterflies in the field

    A double prizewinning graduate shows how changing habitat management could help reverse the decline of some of the UK’s signature butterflies

  • Sustainable water use in Africa

    Lancaster University leads a ground-breaking project working with African researchers and entrepreneurs to address the urgent need for safe, sustainable water use in Africa