Frazer Heritage

PhD student, Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

My main area of interest is the representation of gender and sexuality. I am particularly interested in using corpus linguistic approaches to explore representations. Although my PhD focuses on the representation of gender in video games, I am also interested in the representation of gender and sexuality in British media in a more general sense and in large reference corpora. I am also interested in Critical Discourse Analysis, Metaphor, Metonymy, and applications of these fields to language, gender, and sexuality studies.

I am currently the secretary for the British Assosiation of Applied Linguist's Language, Gender, and Sexuality Special Interest Group (BAAL's LGaS Sig).

Lesbians in Modern Day Britain: A Corpus Based Study of The Discourses Surrounding the Lemma LESBIAN*
Heritage, F. 22/06/2018
Conference paper

A reaction time study testing interactions between gender and the psychological reality of the vertical image schema for hierarchy
Heritage, F., Littlemore, J., Duffy, S. 19/07/2016
Conference paper

Does age in addition to occupation affect the conceptualization of how time is structured?
Heritage, F. 2016
Conference paper

Disney Princesses and the Diachronic Change of Culturally Gendered Language
Heritage, F. 08/2015 In: JALT2014. Japanese Association for Language Teaching p. 307-318. 12 p. ISBN: 9784901352475.
Conference contribution