Dr Luke Collins

Senior Research Associate

Research Overview

My interests are in corpus linguistics and its application to online discourse and health communication. I am also interested in media representations and public understanding of science, often combining corpus linguistics with other forms of (critical) discourse analysis.

I am a Senior Research Associate in the ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) within the Department of Linguistics and English Language and am working on a study of voice-hearing, analysing data from those who experience hearing voices and how this is represented in the media.

Corpus Linguistics for Online Communication: A Guide for Research
Collins, L. 24/03/2019 CRC Press. 206 p. ISBN: 9781138718968.

Who or what has agency in the discussion of antimicrobial resistance in UK news media (2010-2015)?: A transitivity analysis
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Journal article

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Journal article

How certain is ‘certain’?: Exploring how the English-language media reported the use of calibrated language in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report
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Journal article

Participants' use of enacted scenes in research interviews: A method for reflexive analysis in health and social care
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Review article

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Journal article